From The Other Side, Part 2

To get the lowdown on the Dolphins' next opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs, we checked in with's Nick Athan. In Part 2 of this edition of From The Other Side, we get Athan's take on the Chiefs defense and special teams.

Q: Former Dolphins cornerback Patrick Surtain has had an injury-plagued season but had an interception and long return against San Diego last Sunday; is he still effective in coverage?

Nick Athan: He's certainly winding down his NFL career and his big interception a week ago was big for the defense. It wasn't enough to change the fortunes of the game but it showed that he has some game left. I can't see him as a starter any longer however he can play the nickel and his veteran leadership certainly has helped the Chiefs' young corners.

Q: Given his age and salary, is this his last year in Kansas City?

NA: The Chiefs considered cutting him a year ago and asked him to take a pay cut and Surtain refused. With a new general manager and possibly head coach on the way, I can't see any scenario that keeps Surtain on the Chiefs roster in 2009.

Q: How well has first-round pick defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey performed?

NA: He's only managed a single sack and that's been a concern from the coaching staff. The problem with Dorsey is the fact he's fighting double teams on every snap. The fact the Chiefs can't sack opposing quarterbacks has more to do with Dorsey's ineffectiveness. However, he's been solid against the run the last half of the season and if the Chiefs can find some pass rushers next year, Dorsey has all the tools to be dominating.

Q: Why has the Chiefs defense failed to improve much from last year?

NA: Because they've never had consistency at the linebacker position at any point this year and that has been the demise of the defense. Linebacker Derrick Johnson just moved to the middle but injuries and talent have devastated this group. The secondary has been solid for the most part, but it's impossible for any defense to be productive if the team can't field three play-making linebackers.

Q: For many years, the Chiefs could count on Dante Hall as a major weapon in the return game; do they have anybody like right now?

NA: They drafted Kevin Robinson a year ago but he spent the first six games on the PUP list. He shares the return duties with fellow rookie Jamaal Charles. The tandem has yet to get into the end zone and this is an element to this team that has to be worked on in the offseason. They certainly miss a special teams stud like Hall, but I think next year Robinson could be the guy that brings back the fun in the return game.

Q: What do you make of Carl Peterson's resignation, and where does that leave Herman Edwards looking to next season?

NA: It had to be done. After 20 seasons and only three playoff appearances the last 13 seasons, his time was up. Peterson was brought into the organization to rebuild the fan base and make Arrowhead a destination place on Sundays. He did that outside of the last two seasons and with Clark Hunt taking over the team for his late father this move was inevitable. As far as Edwards, it's very iffy that he'll get the chance to come back in 2009.

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