The Dolphins will be seeing five former teammates when they travel to Minnesota this weekend, including three guys who were in Miami last year.

Kenny Mixon, Lorenzo Bromell and Hunter Goodwin all played for the Dolphins last season before joining Minnesota in the offseason.

Of the three, only Goodwin probably didn't fit in anymore because of the arrival of offensive coordinator Norv Turner, who likes tight ends who catch the ball.

Mixon and Bromell, meanwhile, left as unrestricted free agents.

The Dolphins expect those guys to be particularly pumped up for Saturday's game.

"They have all those Dolphins guys up there and they want to beat us bad," said linebacker Zach Thomas. "They are all bitter guys. It's going to be a bitter game."

Vikings punter Kyle Richardson and safety Ronnie Bradford also played for the Dolphins, but that was a while ago.

But it's the three other guys who will be more excited about facing their former teammates.

"I'm sure it's going to be very important for them," said Vikings coach Mike Tice. "They have a lot of buddies on that team. They're going to want to prove something to that team. They've never said it to me, but I'm sure it's there."

Mixon starts at left defensive end for the Vikings, and has 72 tackles and 4.5 sacks on the season. Bromell is a backup and has 3.5 sacks. Goodwin has three catches on the season with one touchdown.

"Mixon has been outstanding," Tice said. "He's got a lot of tackles. He makes a lot of tackles on the other side of the line. I wish we could get more out of him in the pass rush.

Lorenzo has made plays, but we've got to cut down on his errors."

Let's be honest here, though. The Dolphins haven't missed those three guys this season.

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