Breaking Down The Game: Part 2

To get a different perspective on the Dolphins-Ravens playoff matchup, we turned to Adam Caplan, national NFL reporter and Sirius NFL radio host. In Part 2, he offers this thoughts on the matchup when the Dolphins have the ball.

Q: Why was Baltimore so successful at stopping the Wildcat and the Dolphins running game in their regular season matchup?

Adam Caplan: They blitz a high percentage in that game and that negated much of that formation.

Q: What's the best way to attack this Ravens defense?

AC: Probably down field on occasion against CB Fabian Washington or underneath, but away from FS Ed Reed. Or on screen passes since the front seven gets upfield so much.

Q: Ed Reed and Ray Lewis get most of the attention on this Baltimore defense, but isn't NT Haloti Ngata just as important?

AC: Ngata is able to actually drop into coverage at times and he can also be stout at the point of attack against the run. He's one of the most versatile defensive linemen in the NFL.

Q: Does Chad Pennington's experience give him an edge in handling Baltimore's pressure in that he won't get rattled the way a rookie might?

AC: Probably so since Pennington has been to the playoffs before and Pennington has done a great job this season by not turning it over much.

Q: What adjustments can you see the Dolphins making after their offense was shut down in the October meeting?

AC: They will have to try to use a conventional running game more (using a fullback in the game) out of the I (fullback/running back). They should also use the tight ends more who could create better matchups.

Q: Wouldn't you give the Dolphins the edge in the special teams battle in this game?

AC: Pretty much so, especially in the return game.

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