Breaking Down The Game: Part 3

To get a different perspective on the Dolphins-Ravens playoff matchup, we turned to Adam Caplan, national NFL reporter and Sirius NFL radio host. In the third and final installment, he offers some general thoughts on the game and offers a prediction.

Q: What does you see as the biggest key in this game?

Adam Caplan: For Miami to have a chance in this game, they must to do two things. They have to score at least 17 points in this game and they have to figure out a way to make some plays on offense.

They also have to control Baltimore's running game. FB Le'Ron McClain, despite his size (around 260 or so), has great feet and has taken over as their main ball carrier. He has to be controlled to less than 4 yards/carry.

Q: Looking at it from a national standpoint, just how amazing do you find the Dolphins' turnaround this season?

AC: Probably the biggest surprise of the year. I'd put Atlanta second and Baltimore's turnaround third.

Looking at their personnel, I couldn't have seen this coming. Great job of their coaching staff and also by the players of executing the game plan each week.

Q: Why is it that despite their 11-5 record the Dolphins continue to be dismissed as a legitimate threat?

AC: Because of their inability to run the ball consistently. Many around the league believe their offense consists more of gimmicks rather than substance.

Q: Finally, what is your prediction for this game?

AC: 17-13, Baltimore. Should be a low-scoring game.

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