There are so many different playoff scenarios involving the Dolphins, it could make anybody's head spin. But the bottom line is they will win the AFC East with a victory at New England on Sunday, and that's all that matters to Coach Dave Wannstedt.

"It doesn't have any effect on what we have to do," Wannstedt said of the various playoff scenarios. "I wouldn't even talk about that with the team. There is only one scenario that we control. That being win on Sunday."

Wannstedt doesn't want to consider the possibility of a loss because a loss would put the Dolphins at the mercy of the New York Jets.

Simply put, the Dolphins can't make the playoffs if they lose at New England and the Jets beat Green Bay at Giants Stadium in a late-afternoon game.

With the three teams tied at 9-7, the Jets would wind up as AFC East champs, and New England would be second in the division.

All tiebreaker scenarios then involving 9-7 teams would have to put New England in the playoffs first before the Dolphins can be considered for a spot.

As far as playoff seeding is concerned, the Dolphins will need a loss from either Tennessee (at Houston) or Oakland (at home against Kansas City) to have any chance to getting tiebreakers for a first-round bye.

But Wannstedt's focus is on the division title.

"As crazy as this whole season has been around the league, when we were standing here 16 weeks ago probably the number one thing we talked about was being in position to win the division, and we have that," Wannstedt said. "We win this week, and we win the division. That's where our focus is. That's how we will approach it."

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