Tough Times for Ex-Dolphins

The offseason has not been kind to former Dolphins players, and it continued on Wednesday when the Kansas City Chiefs released Damon Huard and Patrick Surtain.

Also released on Wednesday was quarterback Trent Green, done after one season in his return to St. Louis.

Green, Huard and Surtain became the latest ex-Dolphins casualties of the offseason, following in the footsteps of Marty Booker (Chicago), Sam Madison (N.Y. Giants) and David Bowens (N.Y. Jets).

And there's also the possibility they soon could be joined by Jason Taylor in Washington and Zach Thomas in Dallas.

For now, though, that's six high-profile veterans who used to be Dolphins let go by another team.

It was suggested in a South Florida newspaper Wednesday that Surtain maybe someone the Dolphins would think about bringing back at the right price, but the reality is he's not the same player he was when he left Miami — and it's not even close.

Surtain has become a marginal cornerback at best, and it's debatable whether he could help the Dolphins defense at all.

Madison broke an ankle late in the 2008 regular season and his NFL career very well might be done. Huard has battled injuries the last couple of years and he's really struggled when he's been in the lineup, while Green has his concussion issues. Besides, the Dolphins are set at quarterback, so neither of those guys makes sense in terms of bringing back.

Booker has become a marginal receiver at this stage of his career, so he also won't be returning to Miami.

That leaves as the one guy the Dolphins might want to think about bringing back as David Bowens, who could provide backup help at linebacker and help out on special teams.

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