What follows are some notes and anecdotes from the 27-24 overtime loss at New England.

-- Ricky Williams set a new team record with his 16th rushing touchdown of the season when he scored for the second time against the Patriots.

Williams broke the mark of 15 set by Karim Abdul-Jabbar in 1997.

-- Williams also became the first Dolphins running back since Sammie Smith in 1990 to start all 16 games during the regular season.

-- On a third-down play for the Pats in the second quarter, the Dolphins decided to have Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor reverse roles, with Thomas rushing Tom Brady on a blitz and Taylor covering running back Kevin Faulk out of the backfield.

Thomas pressured Brady on the play, and his pass to Faulk fell incomplete with Taylor providing good coverage.

-- The field condition were pretty good for this time of year, although kick returner Travis Minor slipped and lost his balance for a second when he returned the opening kickoff.

-- The Patriots attempted a flea-flicker on their first drive of the game, but the Dolphins weren't fooled and Sam Madison was running step for step with wide receiver David Patten down the field. After handing off to Antowain Smith and then receiving a pitch back, Tom Brady threw deep but the overthrown pass fell incomplete with Madison the closest to it.

-- After burning two timeouts at Minnesota last weekend because the play clock was running out, the Dolphins did it again on their second drive of the game against the Patriots.

-- Linebacker Zach Thomas didn't fall on the ball when Brady fumbled in the first quarter, but unlike three of his teammates over the previous two games he was able to grab the ball for the fumble recovery.

-- Jay Fiedler turned blocker on a couple of reverses run by Chris Chambers, and his block on safety Lawyer Milloy sprung Chambers for a 45-yard gain in the first quarter.

Coach Dave Wannstedt made a questionable decision when he decided to punt on fourth-and-5 from the New England 33-yard line with the game scoreless late in the first quarter.

Mark Royals' kick sailed into the end zone for a touchback, and the Patriots took possession at their own 20-yard line. That's a net gain of 13 yards.

If you're not willing to risk a missed field goal, which would give the Pats the ball at their 41, then go for the first down.

-- Defensive end Jay Williams got the only sack of the first half for the Dolphins, but it was clearly a coverage sack.

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