Another Two Bites the Dust

With the Dolphins coming off a division title, it made everyone forget about the team's pitiful drafting record of recent years. But that came back to the forefront on Monday after the Dolphins traded center Samson Satele to the Oakland Raiders.

It was only two years ago that the Dolphins selected Satele in the second round of the 2007 draft with a pick they had obtained in the trade that sent wide receiver Wes Welker to New England.

Given the way the Dolphins have used second-round picks most of the new millennium, we should have known this wasn't going to pan out.

Just look back at what the Dolphins have done with their second-round picks since 2000, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a team that's gotten so little out of those premium picks.

Let's take a quick look, and we'll leave out Phillip Merling and Chad Henne from last year because they're only one year into their NFL careers and both look promising right now.

2007 — John Beck and Samson Satele: Beck very clearly has no future with the Dolphins after flopping badly in his limited appearances as a rookie and then showing little in training camp last year. As for Satele, yes, he started every game his first two seasons, but he also was deemed a weak link on the offensive line, which is why the Dolphins went out and signed another center and then traded Satele.

2006 — Traded to Minnesota for QB Daunte Culpepper: Damaged goods, gone after one year. Great value there.

2005 — Traded own pick to Philadelphia for QB A.J. Feeley, picked DE Matt Roth with pick obtained from Kansas City for QB Patrick Surtain: The Feeley trade made the Culpepper deal look good. Feeley showed the Dolphins he will never be anything other than a backup. As for Roth, he's still around after four seasons, but he's hardly been a difference-maker. He'll lost his starting job at outside linebacker the moment the Dolphins can find an impact player at that position.

2004 — Traded to New England the previous year for a third-round pick used to select T Wade Smith: Smith badly flamed out after a decent rookie season.

2003 — LB Eddie Moore: A horrible selection in so many ways, not the least of which was the Dolphins' decision to bypass Anquan Boldin.

2002 — Traded to Philadelphia the previous year for a third-round pick used to select LB Morlon Greenwood: Greenwood was a starter but a marginal one at that before he left as a free agent to sign with Houston, where he again was a marginal starter.

2001 — WR Chris Chambers: OK, that one worked out pretty well even though Chambers never quite reached the level that maybe he should have.

2000 — T Todd Wade: No major complaints there. Wade was a decent player who gave the Dolphins some solid years.

Look at the tally: Between 2002 and 2007, the Dolphins used their second-round picks to wind up with Morlon Greenwood, Eddie Moore, Wade Smith, A.J. Feeley, Matt Roth, Daunte Culpepper, John Beck and Samson Satele.

That's eight players, not one of which made any kind of impact with the Dolphins.

That's a pretty dismal track record, one which only got worse with the Satele trade.

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