Draft Pick Q&A: Vontae Davis

Cornerback Vontae Davis took some time from his draft-day celebration party to talk to South Florida reporters via conference call. Here's what Davis had to say about being selected by the Dolphins and his expectations for the 2009 season.

On how much interest the Dolphins showed in him from early on: "I had a private workout with them, and I knew that they were one of the teams that were interested in me."

On what Bill Parcells told him that he liked about him: "That I am a physical corner and that I fit the style of their defense and their physical play, and being aggressive."

On if he talked about how he needs to listen to the coaches: "He knows that I am a great person, and he knows what type of a player and person that I really am."

On if he is getting a bad rap for being a prima donna: "That is what people keep talking about. But everybody who knows Vontae, knows that I am a great person, a great player and Bill Parcells speaks louder than words and for him to draft me he knows what type of person I am."

On who delivered the news to him: "I got it from the general manager (Jeff Ireland)."

On what impresses him about the Dolphins organization: "Becoming a great player, the weather and me being a gym ratt, I am going to do my best and put my best abilities forward to become a great player in the National Football League."

On if his brother, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, gave him any advice: "Yeah he said, ‘Take one year at a time and you will become a much better man.'"

On if he thinks that he can handle Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and the other wide receivers in the AFC East: "Oh yeah, I am ready. I am going to get ready."

On how much man-to-man he played at Illinois: "I played everything. I consider myself a complete corner."

On what he thinks is his biggest strength: "Being physical, coming up and tackle. Being physical on run support."

On what areas of his game he needs to work on: "Just to be more consistent."

On if he feels that he will be competing for a starting job: "Yeah that is the name of the game. It's a competitive game and I am going to make all the other cornerbacks much better."

On if he knows any current Dolphin players: "Yeah, actually I played against Ted Ginn, I know him from playing him at Ohio State."

On playing for Illinois coach Ron Zook: "He took me through the ropes to become a better player, and he told me what it takes to reach your next level."

On where he is now and how many people are with him: "Actually in downtown (Washington) D.C. I have about 100 family members here."

On if he is at a club or hotel: "It's sort of like a restaurant."

On his expectations for his rookie season: "My expectations is to be the defensive player of the year in the National Football League."

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