Draft Pick Q&A: Pat White

Quarterback Pat White took some time from his draft-day celebration party to talk to South Florida reporters via conference call. Here's what White had to say about being selected by the Dolphins and his potential role in the Wildcat offense.

On if the Dolphins spoke to him about the Wildcat offense in interviews: "Yes sir, I have heard a lot about the Wildcat, and I am happy to be a part of it."

On his expectations of where he would be drafted: "I had no expectations coming into the draft. I was just hoping that someone would give me a chance, and the Dolphins have. I am grateful and ready to get to work."

On if he thinks he will be utilized primarily as a wide receiver or quarterback, and at which position he worked out most: "I can play multiple positions, so I'll see where I end up. I'm ready for anything."

On if he wants to play quarterback in the NFL: "I just want the opportunity to play, and now that I have it, I will do what the coaches ask me to do."

On what he thinks he needs to learn to become an NFL-level quarterback: "I need to get better in all aspects: dropping back, completing the ball, reading defenses, etc. I feel that I have to get better every-day, and that's what I am going to try and do."

On his view of whether he will compete with Chad Henne at quarterback or compete for playing time as a wide receiver: "I fit fairly well in the Wildcat, so I hope that is my quickest way onto the field. We will see what happens."

On if he watched the Dolphins' implementation of the Wildcat offense last season: "I did see it, and I definitely paid attention to it."

On his reaction to the success of the Wildcat offense in the NFL last season: "It reminded me of West Virginia a little bit, when the defense goes one way and you shoot someone out the other way. It keeps the defense on its toes."

On whether it was coincidence or destiny that he was drafted by a team that runs the Wildcat offense: "I have been raised to have the mindset that everything happens for a reason. This definitely happened for a reason, and I'm ready to find out why."

On what excites him most about being a Miami Dolphin after meetings with Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland: "I am excited to see how they can utilize my talent. They have a lot of great players in Miami, from wide out to running back, but I just want to get out there and win games."

On what his draft day experience was like: "Today, family members came over - the city I live in is where most of my family still lives - so they came over and enjoyed it. We usually watch the draft every year."

On what city he is in right now: "Daphne, Alabama."

On how many people is he celebrating the draft with: "About 20, I have a big family."

On if he met with the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl: "Yes sir. I sat down and had a meeting with them."

On if he came to the facility in Davie: "No sir, I didn't."

On if he only talked with Dolphin management at the NFL combine, Senior Bowl, and Pro Day: "Yes."

On if he shows what he has, he can work his way into a starting quarterback role: "I just want to work into a starting role. I want to be on the field playing and helping the team win."

On how much of an adjustment it would be to line up at wide receiver if that's where they wind up putting him: "It's going to take some work. I just have to put in the time to take the coaching and hopefully everything will pan out."

On if he feels he can be a quarterback in the NFL: "I definitely still have confidence in myself. I'm looking for the opportunity. I got a great opportunity down in Miami. I never doubt myself. I know that I've got to keep working and try to get better. That I'm willing to do."

On if some teams said they only wanted him as a quarterback and if the Dolphins were one of them: "They've been talking Wildcat. They kept their word, and I'm thankful for that."

On if they told him they were going to draft him: "No. They said there was a chance that they might. They liked what they saw on the field and wanted to give me an opportunity. I'm just thankful."

On what he thinks of playing with the likes of Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, and others in the Wildcat: "They're real big guys. They hit, they make plays. To have the opportunity to play with those guys, I feel blessed."

On if he was told he was going to be a featured piece of the Wildcat offense: "They mentioned it. I'm just thankful that I will get the opportunity to."

On if he worked out with quarterbacks coach David Lee: "I didn't work out with him. It really wasn't that in-depth of a conversation. During the meeting at the Senior Bowl I sat down and talked about it."

On if they quizzed him like they would a quarterback: "It wasn't really a quiz. I didn't get quizzed by Miami."

On who called him when he was drafted by Miami and what that experience was like: "I'm not sure who called, because my family got excited and I couldn't hear anything, but I'm very thankful and relieved that my name is off the board."

On who called him and what they told him: "I talked to about six or seven different people. They just congratulated me and I told them ‘thank you, this is the beginning of a new relationship.'"

On if they called him throughout the day: "That was the first call."

On when he's coming down to Miami: "I'll be down Thursday."

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