Interesting Words From White

Second-round pick Pat White shed some light on his conversations with the Dolphins in an exclusive conversation with NFL Senior Analyst Ed Thompson, and what he said definitely would be classified as interesting.

"They're going to give me a shot at the quarterback position," White told Thompson. "They said they didn't draft me as a receiver, they drafted me as a quarterback. And that's something that I've prayed for. So I'm excited and ready to get to work."

Wow. The feeling has been that White was drafted with the idea of being used as a receiver and perhaps returner, along with taking snaps in the Wildcat offense, even though GM Jeff Ireland said Saturday night the Dolphins drafted White as a quarterback.

If the Dolphins indeed will use White at quarterback, that means White could compete with Chad Henne once the time comes to replace current starter Chad Pennington.

It's certainly an interesting development considering Henne has been seen in Miami as the heir apparent to Pennington.

The reality, though, is that Henne never has played a significant down in the NFL, so the Dolphins really don't know what they have in Henne just yet. The drafting of White, in addition to giving them a new weapon for the Wildcat, also provides some added competition at quarterback -- and also another possibility -- for the post-Pennington era.

Not everyone is sold on White's potential as an NFL quarterback, but he certainly did nothing this offseason to hurt his cause after a tremendous career at West Virginia.

Because of his height, though, White was viewed by most as a specialty pick, which is why most expected him to get drafted later than when the Dolphins took him (44th overall).

But White's words would seem to indicate he'll get a shot at quarterback at some point for the Dolphins.

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