Closing the Book on Beck

Even though the departure of John Beck came as absolutely zero surprise to anyone who follows the Dolphins, it was nonetheless disappointing to hear of his departure. For a couple of reasons. One of them has to do with Beck himself, the other is more team-related.

On a personal level, Beck just happens to be a good guy, the kind of guy all media members in South Florida wanted to see succeed.

The argument also could be made that he never really got a legitimate shot in Miami, his only playing time coming toward the end of that 2007 nightmare when Beck probably wasn't ready and also wasn't helped by the fact he was trying to lead what was an atrocious offense.

On the flip side, though, the new Dolphins coaches got a look at Beck all of last offseason, all of training camp and throughout practice during the regular season and trusting their expertise leads one to believe they know what they're doing with Beck.

Keep in mind also that the Dolphins releasing Beck the day after the end of the draft means they undoubtedly shopped him over the weekend in the hope of getting a draft pick, any draft pick, in return.

That they weren't able to do that tells you the opinion of Beck around the league.

Which brings us back to the other point, which is how could the Dolphins miss so badly on this guy. Remember that the signature move of the Cam Cameron/Randy Mueller draft of 2007 was bypassing Brady Quinn at No. 9 overall and instead going with Ted Ginn Jr. in that spot and then taking Beck in the second round.

The truth is Ginn so far hasn't proven worthy of that pick, Quinn hasn't done anything either, and Beck has shown he never should have been drafted that high.

That pick should serve as a warning about guys rising late in the draft process. At the end of the 2006 college season, Beck was considered by most a fourth-round pick at best, but then his stock did nothing but rise in the months leading up to the draft.

Now, it's possible the Dolphins loved the guy all along, but we're just saying.

In any case, it was just another wasted premium pick by the Dolphins, a trend that led to the 1-15 finish of 2007 and the fact the roster still has clear holes despite the team winning a division championship last year.

The Dolphins have been especially wasteful at the quarterback position. In the last six drafts, the Dolphins have used five second-round picks on quarterbacks, trading two of them for A.J. Feeley and Daunte Culpeppeer and then drafting Beck, Chad Henne and Pat White.

Henne and White remain on the roster, and one of them better become the answer once Chad Pennington no longer is effective because this team has spent enough high picks on quarterbacks already.

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