Minicamp Q&A: Vontae Davis

Dolphins first-round pick Vontae Davis, sporting a Mohawk hairdo, addressed the media following the first practice of minicamp. Here is what the cornerback from Illinois had to say on a variety of topics.

On thoughts about first day of practice: "Different from college. Up-tempo. As soon as I touched the field I knew it was different. It was different than the heat and humidity at Illinois around this time."

On when the last time he was on the field: "The last game of the season (at Illinois) since we didn't make a bowl game."

On his first impressions after picking off a pass during practice: "It was good. My first pick up here for the Miami Dolphins. It gave me a good feeling that I could play out here anytime with anybody."

On knocking a player down during practice and if he was trying to set a physical tone: "No. I actually got in trouble for that. Coach Sparano doesn't want anybody on the ground and I got in trouble for doing that. Coach Sparano motto is to keep players up so it was my fault for knocking them down. I got in trouble for that."

On if he wants to be physical: "Yes. I want to help the team with my physical presence from the corner (position). But I have to try and wait until we put on the equipment to put on my physicalness."

On how his brother (Vernon Davis) helped: "I talked to him last night about my first day going in and he told me to think of it as going into college your freshman year. It is the same thing. It's a little faster and if you go in with the same mindset, you will be OK."

On if he was thinking a lot during his first practice and if he was nervous: "I was nervous because it was new. It's something new that I am learning; new plays so you have to be nervous a little bit because you don't want to mess up and you want to leave a good impression with the coaches."

On if he ever was asked to change positions because he isn't built like a cornerback: "No, not at all. Most coaches say I can play safety, but I want to stay at corner."

On if the coaching staff has asked him not to bulk up: "No, not at all because I always stay at 200 pounds. I never get over 200 pounds."

On if he has always had personal trainers: "Yes. In high school I had a personal trainer that I and my brother (Vernon Davis) worked out with. Guys from the D.C. area. He helps me a lot. After mini-camp, that is where I plan on training to get ready for OTAs."

On if he feels pressure because he has a profile brother in the NFL: "No pressure at all. The coaches are going to get me ready for any task at hand. I just want to learn during minicamp, compete with the guys and take one step at a time. Whatever is in front of me, I am going to try and make the best of it by learning from my coaches."

On his grandmother raising him as a child: "My grandmother is a hardnosed lady. She is like 5-5. She's small, but she gets in your face. She pushed me and my brother. I can't even explain. She would do things like pouring water on me to wake me up if I wouldn't get up when I was little (laughing). The little things that she did made us better people that grew up into young adults."

On facing wide receivers in AFC East: "I haven't really thought about that. I am approaching it as it comes. I am trying to get better in the minicamp. I just want to take one day at a time and handle things as they come."

On his Mohawk hairstyle: "It is a new look I just tried. I actually just have it for camp."

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