Minicamp Q&A: Pat White

Dolphins second-round pick Pat White didn't have a great first day at the rookie minicamp, although he did connect with Anthony Armstrong on a beautiful bomb down the sideline. He talked to the South Florida media after the Friday afternoon practice and here's what he had to say on a variety of topics.

On his first day: "It feels good to be back on the field. I am loving every second of it, its football. I just have to work and learn and just try to get better."

On when he arrived: "I got down here on Wednesday."

On if anything stood out at his first NFL practice: "It's definitely a fast pace, its similar to college but the competition is a lot better. People run around a lot faster and making better plays."

On what he has been told about his role: "Right now I am just here trying to learn, I am going to do whatever they ask of me. Whatever it might be, I am just excited to be here."

On what his role will be down the line: "That's not for me to discuss. I am just happy to be here, and whatever they ask of me is what I am going to do."

On what happened to his finger: "Jammed finger. My left pinkie"

On why he was wearing gloves and if it's strange to be a quarterback wearing gloves: "Kurt Warner did, it gives a little better grip. My hands aren't the biggest, and coming from West Virginia and the cold weather (the gloves) helped out a little bit. I liked it when I tried it and until (the gloves) prove me wrong I am going to keep doing it."

On if the pinkie effected his throwing: "I wouldn't say that. It was just a bad day, not a good day."

On ending the practice on a good note with a good pass: "Yeah but all the rest of (the throws) weren't so good, I just have got to keep working and try to get better."

On what he is learning about the NFL game: "As of right now I am definitely learning as a quarterback."

On what the biggest surprise that he encountered: "Guys are definitely running around faster, they are lot smarter, they are bigger, faster and stronger. It's going to take some adjusting, but hopefully I will get there one day."

On the other teams interest in him playing something other than quarterback: "My thing is that I want to help out in any way possible, whether is quarterback, wide receiver, punt returner, offensive or defensive line it doesn't matter to me I just love the game of football and I want to be there to help in some way."

On if he know what he will be facing in terms of the playbook: "They say that it's a small amount, but it's a lot right now. So I just got to get there and study."

On if they have shown him the whole physical playbook: "Not the whole thing not yet."

On the advantages of being a left handed quarterback: "I don't know if there are any advantages or disadvantages. The ball comes out different for the receiver, it may take them a little bit to get adjusted to the spin on the ball, but practice makes perfect so that is what we are here doing."

On if he had any butterfly today or was he relaxed: "I was thinking a lot. Once I get it down everything will slow down for me, hopefully I will get there."

On if he could tell that everyone was nervous: "Definitely on the first day, a lot of nervous energy. I am sure that things will slow down and we will look a lot better tomorrow."

On Coach Sparano: "He is an intense guy. He loves the game of football and its going to make it exciting for us. He is a great leader and I am sure that we are going to follow him 100 percent."

On if he is the perfect situation with the Dolphins: "All I know is that everything happens for a reason, there is a reason that I am here and I am thankful that I have this opportunity."

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