Minicamp Q&A: Sean Smith

Dolphins second-round pick Sean Smith addressed the media following the first practice of minicamp Friday, and among the things he said was that the story of him referring to himself upon arriving at the University of Utah as a "legend" wasn't quite how it was made out to be.

On thoughts about first day of practice: "It was rough. Coach Sparano wanted you to fly around the ball and he wanted it to be intense. He expected for us to know what we were doing. We had all night to study our playbook. It was definitely exciting."

On how Anthony Armstrong caught a deep ball on him during practice: "It was definitely a missed assignment on my part. A mental error. I got my eyes caught in the backfield and he got behind me. It's something that we talked about out here. It was a mental error and I definitely won't let it happen again."

On his height at the corner position and if he can change directions: "In reality it is kind of like wide receiver. You have to redirect and come back to the ball. When you are backpedaling and breaking back to the ball, it is pretty much the same thing. Being able to redirect and coming back to the ball is second nature because I played wide receiver. I am pretty much used to that. Big guys; I don't know if they are afraid to play quarterback. It definitely is an exciting position and I am looking forward to it."

On if he people talked to him about how he couldn't play the position because of his 6-3 height: "Definitely. Words don't really mean anything. You have to prove it every day."

On why he changed in college from wide receiver to defensive back: "I was doing pretty good at wide receiver as a redshirt freshman. I was rotating with the rest of the guys and at the end of the year we had five guys leaving out of the secondary. So I thought ‘okay, do I keep rotating and maybe start my senior year or can I possibly go the secondary and start right away?' I talked over it with my coaches and the last two games of the season, he had me try and it and I did pretty good. I have been starting ever since."

On If he thought he would be a high pick as a wide receiver: "I definitely would have been a top pick as a wide receiver (laughing)."

On the story of Sean Smith "The Legend": "I don't know where that came from (laughing). I know when I was a freshman at Utah, myself and the younger guys would always talk about how big we were in our cities back home. I joked that I was a legend back where I was from and everyone knows me and it got to the locker room and when it got to the coaches it came back that Sean was calling himself a legend."

On how far back he has been confident in his abilities: "It came at a young age. I was always the shortest in my family. I didn't grow until my junior year in high school. I definitely had to have confidence playing with those guys because they would run you over. I definitely had to be confident in my abilities."

On how he wound up at Utah: "I was playing receiver my junior year in high school and during my senior year we didn't have any running backs. The coach asked if I would mind switching positions and I said no problem. After that all of the Pac-10 teams backed off me. It was kind of sad, but there was nothing I could do about it."

On if Urban Meyer recruited him to Utah: "No, it was Coach (Kyle) Whittingham. I came the year after in 2005."

On thoughts about today's practice: "It kind of was what I expected. Coach Sparano definitely preached intensity. He wants us to fly around the ball and to just know you are always being evaluated. It is your job now and myself and the rest of the guys did a good job of flying around and doing our assignments. It was a positive day for us."

On his thoughts about Vontae Davis: "We are close. We understand that we are coming in together. They took two corners; myself and him. We are trying to make each other better."

On if they both have outgoing personalities: "Definitely, we get along great."

On if you have to confident/cocky to play the position: "I don't want to say you have to be cocky, but you definitely have to believe in yourself and have a short memory."

On facing wide receivers in AFC East: "I thought about it, but at the same time I have to remember that I have 10 other guys with me if I have to guard Moss or Owens. I will be excited, but at the same time, I have to be ready to take them out."

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