Taylor tidbits and other OTA notes

All eyes were on Jason Taylor on Tuesday when the Dolphins held an offseason training activity (OTA) session that was open to the media. Also of note was the presence at practice of guard Justin Smiley, as well as the inactivity of fellow guard Donald Thomas because of his chest injury.

Taylor followed Joey Porter and Chad Pennington at the podium outside the Dolphins locker room after practice and spoke publicly for the first time since officially rejoining the Dolphins.

Among Taylor's comments:

• On if it felt like he'd been away from the Dolphins for a long time: "It felt like about five years. It was a long year. The injuries, being away, it snows in D.C., a lot of things."

• On whether rejoining the Dolphins and seeing everybody felt weird: "It wasn't like the first day of school when you go to a new school."

• On his year in Washington: "(The Redskins) tried their hardest and I tried my hardest, but it wasn't a good fit."

• On whether it was tough of his ego to accept a much less lucrative deal to sign with the Dolphins; "If it was all about ego, I'd be making more money somewhere else."

• On whether he had a meeting or needed to have a meeting with Coach Tony Sparano to clear the air: "There was no air to clean. Coach Sparano and I have talked since the day he got hired."

• On his toughts about being traded last year: "I always said I wanted what was best for the Dolphins. Do I think it was best for the Dolphins to trade a 33-year-old for two draft picks? You bet it is."

• On his reaction to the Patriots' interest in him: "I know Mr. (Robert) Kraft made his comments. There was talk, but I'll leave it at that. I appreciate that overture and wish them the best, except twice a year when we play them."

Porter, for his part, had publicly backed the idea of re-signing Taylor, even though the last time they were teammates he was forced to play on the left side and over the tight end, and that helped limit his contributions.

Taylor explained that the Dolphins' defense in 2007 wasn't a pure 3-4 defense, and Porter essentially was playing left defensive end, a position that Taylor says neither he nor Porter is suited for.

"Two years ago, I don't like to bring it up too much, but that was a different defense," Porter said. "They're going to find ways to make it work. I'm just happy to have the guy back."

It also was good to have Smiley back on the field, seven months after he broke his leg in the victory at St. Louis.

Meanwhile, Thomas was one of three players who didn't work out on Tuesday, the other two being tight end David Martin and offensive lineman Andy Alleman. Wide receiver Greg Camarillo, coming off a torn ACL, did some light running on his own.

This was the first of four OTA sessions that will be open to the media, the next one being scheduled for a week from Thursday.

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