White on Being Drafted and Other Notes

After turning in what could only be described as a lackluster throwing performance during Friday morning's minicamp practice, rookie quarterback Pat White talked about getting drafted in another sport. But it's not like he made a big deal about it in the least.

White was taken in the 48th round of the baseball amateur draft by the New York Yankees, despite the fact White never played baseball at West Virginia.

White, however, was a star in high school, which led to him getting drafted by the Angels in the fourth round back in 2004 and getting drafted three times after that.

"I haven't played baseball in five years," White said. "(I'm) thankful. Another blessing and right now I'm just focusing on what's going on in Miami."

White said he found out he had been drafted when his father called me with the news and said he hasn't spoken to the Yankees, nor does he know when he might.

When asked whether playing baseball in the future is something he might consider, he said, "Right now I'm a Miami Dolphin and that's where my focus is."

White obviously wanted to get that message across because when he was asked about whether he expected to speak to the Yankees, he replied, "Right now I'm focused on what's going on on this green grass."

As mentioned before, White really looked shaky throwing the ball on Friday morning, although we caution -- as always -- not to read too much into minicamp workouts in shorts.

That said, it must be noted that White threw poorly, just as Ernest Wilford dropped a couple of passes. On the second, he was bumped into by a defender the second the pass reached him, but still it was disappointing for a guy who needs to bounce back after a horrible 2008 season.

On the flip side, Greg Camarillo made a really nice catch in traffic in the end on a pass from Chad Pennington.

Again, though, we're dealing with minicamp here.

On a final note, second-year player Shawn Murphy lined up with the first-team offense at right guard. In other OTAs opened to the media, it was Brandon Frye who was lining up in the spot expected to be occupied by Donald Thomas, who is out with a torn pectoral muscle.

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