Camp Countdown: Quarterbacks

Training Camp 2009 is scheduled to begin with the first practice on the morning of Aug. 2, and it figures to be an intriguing summer for the Dolphins. We take a look at the Dolphins heading into camp by breaking down the team by position with an analysis of the biggest issue at each spot and a projection of the roster battles. This installment looks at the quarterbacks.


On the roster: Chad Pennington, Chad Henne, Pat White

Number likely to be kept: 3

On the 2008 opening-day roster: Chad Pennington, Chad Henne, John Beck

The big training camp question: Exactly how will the Dolphins wind up using White, the multi-talented rookie from West Virginia?

Analysis: For a change, the Dolphins don't enter training camp with a major question mark at this position, and that's very refreshing. With the exception of White's exact role, everything is set at quarterback, where Pennington will be the starter and Henne the backup and starter in waiting. This preseason, look for Henne to get a LOT of playing time at quarterback because the Dolphins want to get him as game-ready as possible and because Pennington doesn't need the game reps.

Who will make the team: Pennington, Henne, White

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