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The Dolphins brought in a well-traveled wide receiver on Monday to take the place of fullback Matt Quillen, who became the fourth player to quit the team this month.

Quillen left the team after signing late last week and followed in the footsteps of safety Ethan Kilmer, tackle SirVincent Rogers and tight end Jared Bronson, a rookie free agent signed in May who never even showed up for camp.

When asked about the unusual number of defections, Coach Tony Sparano said: "I wish I could tell you, I really do. I don't know. It might be me, I don't know [laughs]. I told you, I'm not for everybody, but I really don't want to, I can't put my finger on it.

"The only thing I can tell you, and this is a credit to the other guys that are in that locker room, is that what they are doing right now is really hard. It really is, and I mean, I know people might think that ‘they get paid to do this,' what they're doing is really hard. If your heart isn't in what you're doing, it does not take long with the heat, with the contact, with the intensity of what we're doing out here, and the way we're doing it, to figure out that maybe this isn't for you."

The new wide receiver on the team is James Robinson, a 6-3, 193-pound prospect who has played in the Canadian Football League (Toronto), the Arena League (Las Vegas, Kansas City), af2 (South Georgia) and National Indoor Football League (Florida Frenzy).

"Well, he's got size, and the guy can just flat-out go," Sparano said. "I mean, he really can, he can run very fast, so you know, he's a big kid with size and catches the ball pretty well, so we felt this would be a good opportunity. We had this spot, and I think when you're looking at a developmental player, young guy that, you know, you're bringing onto your team, you really want one of those kind of guys, and if you can get a big fast kid like that, take a chance on him, and see where this whole thing shakes down."

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