Receivers By Committee

The Dolphins made the playoffs last year without a "go-to" elite receiver. They are taking the same approach this season. Offensive coordinator Dan Henning said that he will employ four receivers, including returnees Ted Ginn Jr., Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo as well as rookie Brian Hartline in various packages.

Hartline, a fourth-round pick out of Ohio State, where he played briefly with Ginn, will be stationed on the outside to start the season.

"We'll probably use Hartline as an outside guy so he can get his feet under him," Henning said. "We think he's done a good job in the training camp, and we think he's going to be a good player. But, right off the bat coming out in the NFL, I think he's better off working his way in there, and seeing how things are. We will get him in the game, but he won't have the pressure on him to be in there all the time."

Hartline said he started on the inside for the Buckeyes but worked his way to the outside by his senior year when he had 52 catches for 694 yards in helping Ohio State reach the BCS championship game.

"I'm excited but I don't want to worry about anything besides my responsibilities and make sure I play well on Sunday," Hartline said. "Fortunately, coming to Ohio State I was able to start on the inside and work out so I feel very comfortable in both."

"They will have different positions, they'll be in with different groupings, and we will try and use them in the things that they do best," Henning said. "That's not a pun.

"Right now, Teddy is probably the best at that for us because he has the skill set to do that. And, they have to really fear his speed. Camarillo does a good job because he wins in a different manner. He doesn't use speed all the time, but he uses guile. I think Hartline's a combination of those two. And Bess is quickness, and change of direction, and great body balance. So, we're fortunate, I think, to have those four guys, and we have some coming along behind them that we think make us better than we were last year."

Henning was referring to 6-foot-5 rookie Patrick Turner, a third-round pick out of USC who was projected to be a regular red-zone target for quarterback Chad Pennington. However, Turner had a poor preseason and fell behind Hartline on the depth chart.

"Just doing everything, all the details, the overall game, just got to stay on top of it," Turner said of areas to improve.

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