Where's Wake?

This is probably not what the Dolphins, their fans and most certainly Cameron Wake had in mind when the former Canadian Football League phenom signed with Miami in January. Two games, two times on the inactive list. So why have we not seen the man who won the CFL's defensive MVP honors the last two years, particularly after what Wake showed in the preseason?

It's rather simple, Coach Tony Sparano explained this week: special teams and run defense.

Unless you're a quarterback or a front-line starter, the guys who suit up on Sundays are all asked to contribute on special teams, and that's just not Wake's forte.

"It's not anything other than that," Sparano said. "We were hoping to get him to a point special teams-wise where he could be a little more familiar with some of the techniques and things that we were asking him to do that way. We will get him there, and I think he's close to that point, been getting better and better. We've been preparing Cameron every week, the first two weeks, like he's playing in the game. So, he's putting in reps, doing those jobs so that he can be more familiar that way.

"The other thing I would say is playing his position against the run. It isn't pass rush with him, it's playing his position against the run. The things that Jason [Taylor] did, he will do faster than Cameron, in other words, learning the fundamentals of that position. And again, we're preparing him during the week like he's playing, so he's getting more and more of those reps too."

Based on Sparano's words, the Dolphins are planning on using Wake as a strongside linebacker, although there also would be nothing wrong with having him simply rush the passer.

The Dolphins have three sacks after two games, but really haven't generated that much pressure on the quarterback.

Wake certainly could help in that department based on what we saw in the preseason, where he seemed to get a hit on the quarterback every game and might even have had a couple of sacks had officials blown their whistle as quickly as they tend to do in regular season games.

Wake isn't about to make waves about his situation, but considering he turned down other offers to sign with the Dolphins, he can't be happy about this turn of events.

Maybe we'll see Wake in the lineup soon. Maybe we'll see him Sunday against San Diego. Wake can only hope.

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