Scouting Report: QB Tyler Thigpen

So what did the Dolphins get when they traded for Kansas City backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen on Tuesday? He looked pretty good when the Dolphins played at Arrowhead Stadium last December, but to get a clearer picture we turned to Columnist C.E. Wendler to get his scouting report.

Here is what Wendler told us about the Dolphins' new quarterback:

"Tyler Thigpen is an athlete. There's no denying that. The question is whether he really fits at quarterback.

"At no point in his NFL career has he shown an ability to be a consistently accurate passer. Sometimes he's so off the mark he reminds me of JaMarcus Russell. He's limited in the style of offense he can play in, because the vast majority of his experience comes out of the shotgun. That's all he played in during college, and the Chiefs had to change their entire offense last year because of his handicaps. His mechanics dropping back from under center are horrible.

"His lack of height is a real issue at times, also. This is a real issue for him in particular because he's a short-range passer, and some of those balls are going to get batted down.

"His arm is kind of a conundrum. He can really zip the ball on shorter throws. There's no question he can throw the deep out with plenty of velocity. But for some reason, his deep balls have a tendency to flutter and die. It might be related to his mechanics, but his deep passes are dreadful and usually result in a jump-ball situation.

"But he IS an athlete, no question. He has rare mobility for a quarterback and led the league in quarterback rushing last year. He's quick and has good straight-line speed, so much that he was once considered a wide receiver prospect. In fact, he caught a long TD bomb for the Chiefs last year.

"I don't think he has any problems reading defenses. He's a smart guy. But his lack of accuracy is really going to hold him back at this point. At times he even struggles to hit short passes. He needs extensive work with an experienced quarterbacks coach before he's close to a legit starting option. I haven't watched Chad Henne much, but I'd bet he's a much more accurate passer than Thigpen. Most NFL quarterbacks are.

"Thigpen was productive last year and entered camp (this summer) as the No. 2 quarterback, but quickly lost that job to Brodie Croyle, and cemented his position as the No. 3 quarterback with an awful preseason. He appeared to completely regress, which wasn't surprising considering the Chiefs dumped the offense that compensated for his weaknesses — and losing Tony Gonzalez didn't help Thigpen, either. He had tunnel vision on Gonzo."

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