Final Game 4 Observations

Fresh off their 38-10 victory over the Buffalo Bills, the Dolphins are enjoying their customary Tuesday off before beginning preparations for next Monday night's game against the New York Jets. For us, it's a chance to take one last look at the last game.

-- Since all the focus heading into the game was on Chad Henne, we'll start with him. Like everybody else, the feeling here is that he did a nice job, if for no other reason than he did nothing to hurt the team. Let's be honest, though, the Dolphins needed very little, if anything, from their quarterback. The way the running game and the defense were working, it would have taken some kind of miserable performance by the quarterback to lose that game.

-- The truth is the Dolphins won't always rush for 250 games, get six sacks and three interceptions, so there WILL come a time when Henne needs to make more throws. Based on what happened against Buffalo, we still don't know just how good a passer he'll be in the NFL.

-- Then again, Henne will be hampered by a mediocre receiving corps the rest of this season, barring a miracle acquisition. No offense to Ginn, Bess, Camarillo, Hartline and Turner, but there's nobody in that group that can be classified as anything close to a difference-maker.

-- Absolutely love Bess, who's just a tremendous player, but he's got clear physical limitations. The others are just guys.

-- Of course, it might help if the tight ends started making some sort of an impact. Sure, Anthony Fasano and Joey Haynos are being asked to block at times, opposing defenses may be keying on Fasano a little bit, but still ... four catches in four games for Fasano, yikes! He again was a non-factor against Buffalo.

-- The offensive line was tremendous with its run blocking against Buffalo, but Henne was sacked six times and that's not good. Some of it, though, was the result of Henne not getting rid of the ball quickly enough. He needs to improve his pocket awareness.

-- Great to see Cameron Wake make such an impact in the pass rush. Now, can someone tell us again why he was inactive the first two games and barely played against San Diego?

-- Safety Gibril Wilson missed another tackle in the open field and that gave Marshawn Lynch an additional 15 yards after a short reception. That's inexcusable, especially for a guy whose pass coverage hasn't been great.

-- On the flip side, Yeremiah Bell has become very active the last couple of games and he's not missing a tackle.

-- Channing Crowder also had a tremendous game against the Bills, and he was a big reason the Dolphins shut down Fred Jackson and Lynch in the running game.

-- Then again, nobody has run on the Dolphins this season.

-- Of course, we have to talk about the play of the rookie corners, starting with Vontae Davis' pick-six. Great instincts there.

-- Don't forget about Sean Smith, though. His coverage also was impressive and the one long completion he gave up against Terrell Owens might have been a pick had he been able to pick up the ball more quickly. He did everything right on the play except that. He ran stride for stride with Owens down the sideline, turned to look for the ball quickly enough, but somehow just wasn't able to pick it up.

-- Finally, at long last the Dolphins had some decent kickoff returns. Maybe it was the fact that Patrick Cobbs faked a reverse handoff to Ted Ginn Jr. or maybe it was just better blocking. Either way, it was good to see. And, yes, we still like Cobbs better than Ginn as a kickoff return. He's nowhere near as fast as Ginn, but he hits the hole without hesitation, something that just never happens with Ginn.

-- But after this win, who's going to explain about anything?

-- We leave you with this one thought: The Dolphins were winless last year until they scored 38 points to rout an AFC East opponent and turned things around in a big way. The Dolphins were winless this year until they scored 38 points to rout an AFC East opponent. Hmm.

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