Kidding ... Or Not?

Now that Jets week is here, it didn't take long for reporters to revisit the offseason war of words between linebacker Channing Crowder and New York head coach Rex Ryan. Both offered, in their own inimitable ways, their take on the back-and-forth that create some many headlines back in June.

Ryan was on a conference call with South Florida reporters first, and he brought up the Crowder episode when he was asked about whether he felt bulletin-board comments provide extra motivation.

"The thing with Channing Crowder, if I had to do one thing over, that would probably be it," Ryan said. "Clearly, I was joking about the whole thing, which I had done before in the past in Baltimore with Chad Johnson, with some other guys. For some reason, I don't think the tone was reflected that way.

"That it what it is. I'll say this to you guys: I'm not going to be hard to find out there. I'll be wearing a white jersey with a 77 on it. They can look me up if they want."

For the record, number 77 on the Jets is nose tackle Kris Jenkins, who happens to stand 6-4, 360 pounds.

Then it was time for reporters to go into the Dolphins locker room, and a mob followed Crowder to his locker after he walked in after taking a shower.

Not surprisingly, the first question was about Ryan.

"Yeah, me and him got together, and I'm an aspiring journalist, so y'all weren't really writing about nothing that time of year, like there wasn't nothing going on, so y'all wanted to write about a bunch of (B.S.), so I had to give y'all something to write about."

That got a laugh from media members, with one of them then thanking Crowder.

"No problem, man," Crowder replied. "I make y'all jobs, if you haven't figured that out, that's why you follow me to my damn corner every time I come out of the shower. So I'll keep it doing it for y'all."

It's hard to envision any Dolphins or Jets fans not familiar with the whole offseason episode, but just in case here's a quick recap.

It started with Ryan's comments that he didn't take over as Jets coach to kiss Bill Belichick's rings, to which Crowder replied that the Jets should be crowned offseason champions.

Ryan came back by saying he didn't know Crowder, and that prompted Crowder to say that Ryan at least should know the names of the starting linebackers in his own division.

In between, Ryan said if he were young he probably could handle Crowder himself and also, "I've walked over tougher guys going to a fight than Channing Crowder."

That prompted Crowder to say he would have taken care of that "big old joker."

Dolphins linebacke Akin Ayodele got into the fray when he appeared on Ronnie Brown's weekly radio station on Monday night.

"I seriously do not like him," Ayodele said of Ryan. "I don't like their team. I just don't like the fact that he had that whole altercation with my boy. You can't out-talk Channing Crowder. Can't do it. I'm sorry. And I really think it does brew the fire for this game coming up, and it adds a little more to it."

Crowder was more than willing to confirm Ayodele's assessment when he was asked Wednesday whether he could be out-talked.

Crowder also agreed that Monday night's game is one for which no extra motivation is needed: "If you can't get fired up for this game, you're a damn corpse."

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