Edwards Trade No Big Deal To Dolphins

Braylon Edwards' addition to the New York Jets roster just five days before their Monday night trip to play the Miami Dolphins came as a potentially jarring shot across the bow of this heated rivalry.

That sense only increased when Jets coach Rex Ryan said he planned to put Edwards right into the starting lineup.

But Dolphins coach Tony Sparano wasn't acting too worried about the altered dynamic, pointing out the Jets did have to give up Chansi Stuckey in the deal.

"They had a pretty good lineup before they got Edwards," Sparano said. "(Our preparation) doesn't change at all. I think you prepare every week for good skill players. Stuckey was a pretty good player. From our end it's just another weapon out there."

The Dolphins players followed their coach's lead, also downplaying the trade for a player with 238 career receptions for 3,697 yards and 28 touchdowns. This season Edwards has just 10 catches for 139 yards.

In two career games against the Dolphins, Edwards has 11 grabs for 157 yards and three touchdowns.

Rookie cornerback Sean Smith noted he would have to spend a little extra time watching film of Edwards to get a sense of his tendencies, but Smith also said he does that every week as a new player in the league.

Inside linebacker Akin Ayodele said there would be no panic with Edwards added to the mix.

"He's definitely a big-play receiver," Ayodele said. "He's made some exceptional catches that I've seen. I know they say he's probably dropped quite a few the last couple years. But from playing against him, I know he's capable of making the big plays."

Even outspoken inside linebacker Channing Crowder downplayed the Edwards deal, saying he prepares for systems, not individuals.

"He got traded," Crowder said. "It happens in the league. But you can't play players, you've got to play teams. If he's the X he'll run the X route, if he's the Z he'll run the routes the Z has been running for the last four weeks or whatever. Another athlete on the team, another receiver we've got to play against. We play them week in and week out and let's keep going."

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