It's funny how things turn out sometimes. Take the case of Sam Madison, for example. A week ago, he was complaining about the wife of a teammate campaigning for her husband to get voted to the Pro Bowl, and now he winds up going himself.

And the ironic part is that Madison will be replacing the man widely believed to have been involved in his complaint, fellow Dolphins cornerback Patrick Surtain.

Surtain had to bow out of the game because of a minor knee injury, and Madison got the nod to replace him on Thursday.

Now, Madison never mentioned Surtain by name when he made his comments last week, but it's considered a given that he was referring to Surtain's wife, who was quoted in an August story as saying her husband deserved to go to the Pro Bowl.

For Madison, this will be his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl appearance, as he joins Zach Thomas as the first Dolphins players to play in the all-star four straight years since Richmond Webb made seven straight appearances from 1990-96.

In addition to Thomas and Madison, other Dolphins at this year's Pro Bowl include RB Ricky Williams, DT Tim Bowens, DE Jason Taylor and FS Brock Marion.

The game is scheduled for Sunday at 5:30 p.m. and will be televised by ABC.

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