From the Opposing Locker Room

Jets coach Rex Ryan had some pretty interesting comments following the Dolphins' 31-27 victory on Monday night. Check out what he and some of his players had to say.

Head Coach Rex Ryan

Overall reaction to game: "First off, it was a complete embarrassment by our defense and by me, obviously we need to prepare better. I didn't have the defense prepared the way they should have been, and I take full responsibility for that. I've never been involved in a game like that in my life; our offense did tremendous and gave us every opportunity to win the game. At the end I thought about using timeouts but I said you know what, they're not scoring. I was wrong. I'm just kind of at a loss for words with our defensive performance. We made that quarterback look like Dan Marino. He was pretty good though, he deserves credit. We have to do a better job at defending that long pass. It was just a horrendous day for our defense. You know, we're a hell of a team and I believe that. I think we have plenty of talent, but we just have to play a hell of a lot better than we did today. Again, that's my responsibility, and it's also my responsibility to get the team ready to go against Buffalo next week. We're not going to feel sorry for ourselves; we're going to play a hell of a lot better than we did today."

On two losses in a row: "Back-to-back losses, well, nobody likes that. But those guys deserve the game, Miami ran the ball well, and they did a better job than we did."

Why he didn't call a timeout at the end: "Well, I was going to, but I was thinking if they ran the ball and we stop them… I just never thought they'd score a touchdown. Let the clock run off, we'll go into overtime, so that was the reason."

On the defense: "We have to give credit to our opponent, they played better than we did. They ran a lot of wide plays, we missed tackles, they made plays and that's the bottom line. The offense was fantastic. Every time they put it on their shoulders we'd take the lead, I'm at a loss for words because I've never been around anything like that. It's my responsibility and we obviously have to be prepared. Whatever it takes and we have to do a lot better job than that."

On Mark Sanchez: "That was what I expected from him, and I expected the whole team to respond and it's unfortunate. You know the offense did a great job, and I know we are a hell of a better football team than that. The defense never showed up today. The entire offense played well enough to win and that's unfortunate."

On newly acquired Braylon Edwards: "I think everyone saw it; he's a big time receiver. That's one thing we did right last week, making that trade for him. I think he's going to be a huge factor for us. It's the fifth game of the year, you know, we're still in first place but it just doesn't feel like it right now. I've been a part of some bad performances by defenses before, but not this bad."

On being a defensive guy: "I used to see all those gimmicks back when I was coaching college and one thing we could always do is stop the run. Our biggest problem today was stopping the pass more than anything. It's unbelievable. We couldn't stop the run or pass today. Other than that we played great. It was ridiculous. We tried a million different groupings and nothing worked. They were making plays and we weren't so you got to give them credit."


On how he felt tonight: "I felt really good. I think the best things about this team are everybody knows all the assignments and where everyone else is supposed to be. All the wide receivers know the play book and where everyone is supposed to be. Every time I had a question on the field they were very helpful. I like our offense and I think we can get better going into the rest of the season."

On the catch he had down the sidelines in the 4th quarter: "I was running a 9 route, a go route. They had a Cover 2 on. Normally you don't want to take that chance but (Mark) Sanchez is a young quarterback and he was feeling froggish. He took a chance and I just tried to make him look good. It's hard to throw against a Cover 2 and he put it right where it needed to be between the defenders. I got my hands on it and we connected."

On being the primary receive for the Jets tonight: "It was fun. When Jericho (Cotchery) comes back it's going to be a problem getting this offense down. We will be a dangerous offense. There are a lot of guys out there making plays. (David) Clowney caught a long ball on a go route. Wallace (Wright) was out there making plays. You got Brad Smith who knows this offense out there making plays, especially on third downs. The main thing for us is to come together during the week and learn each other, what each of us like to do, learn the offense and just work and become interchangeable."

On if he thinks his teammates were excited about the way he played tonight: "I think so. That's for the guys to decide. I'll let them talk to you about that. It feels good. Obviously we didn't get the win. But our offense has the athletes. We just have to come back tomorrow and try to get better, go against Buffalo and shore those plays up."

On his relationship with Mark Sanchez: "I talk to Mark a lot. We talk a lot on the field. We talk a lot at practice. We talk a lot off the field, on the phone. We talked about plays. We talk about what he is expecting. What he wants to see. He's cool. I think he's very loose and that's the thing about a quarterback. You want quarterbacks to be loose and free-playing. I think the looser a quarterback is the better he'll play."

de shaun ellis

On tonight's game: "They won. Our offense played well. Our defense needs to play better."

On the Wildcat offense: "We knew about it coming into the game. They just did a better job executing."

On the fourth quarter: "We had a chance to make a play and get off the field. We didn't."


On tonight's game: "They kept coming on third downs. We just had a bad day of tackling. Give them credit. They came out and outplayed us."

On Chad Henne: "He played great for them. He didn't turn the ball over. He got them the first down when they needed it. He did it."

On the Wildcat: "They ran the Wildcat. We knew they would use it against us. We just didn't have good, sound technique up front and they made the plays today."


On coming back to Miami where he began his career: "Well, obviously as much as it's a frustrating day for us, we didn't make the plays on the end of the days to win. I'm way beyond coming back and getting nostalgic about coming back and playing here. It's been a long time since I did. It's been a great experience. Hopefully we can get things back on track next week against Buffalo."

On the Wildcat: "We saw it on tape. That's what they do. They run the ball well. They have a good offensive line and good backs. Obviously they executed better than we did. It's up to us to go back to the drawing board and fix what we need to do in all three phases. We have to be ready to go next week. It's a short week. But we will be at hem against a team just as hungry for a win as well will be, so it will be another tough game."


On tonight's defensive performance: "We didn't get off the field on third down enough. We didn't affect Chad Henne enough. Overall the defense – we didn't lose the game – we played a huge part in it. The offense did all they could do. We didn't do our part. We didn't get off the field. With that being said we have to move on and get better. Buffalo is not going to feel sorry for us."

On Rex Ryan saying the Jets defense made Chad Henne look like Dan Marino: "Yeah. We made him look like Dan Marino. A future Hall of Famer. We have to get more pressure on him. We have to make him make some bad decisions. They did what they did. We have to get better."


On tonight's game: "We didn't get a lot of pressure on the quarterback. They played a good game today."

On the Jets defense and rebounding for next week: "We have a tough road to get back on. We were riding high. We thought we were one of the best defenses in the league, and we are. But on the field today so we have to get back to work and get it done."

On Chad Henne: "He played a good game. He played good enough to win. We haven't seen much of him on tape, but today he played a good game."


On what he took away from this game: "It was a tough team loss in a big game. Our hats off to Miami, they played a heck of a game down the stretch. Henne played smart, their running game was efficient and it was a tough loss for our team. We just need to bounce back and come away with the positives from this game. We just need to bounce back next week against a tough divisional opponent again."

On how he felt out there tonight: "I felt comfortable and I wanted to be smart with the football. I definitely was that and we had chances to make plays down the field tonight. I thought we made a couple of great ones. Braylon was lights out, just unbelievable. I've never seen anyone catch the ball like that. We did miss some opportunities on offense. We're not thrilled with our performance and we still have a heck of a lot of work to do. There were some third down miscues that we had and some conversions that we definitely should have had. We need to get more plays on offense, just more opportunities and more plays."


On tonight's game: "We had an opportunity to win. They made the plays tonight. All the credit goes to them. They're the better team tonight."

On the Wildcat offense: "We knew all week they would play the wildcat. We have to do a better job getting off the field on third down. We didn't. They made the plays when it counted."

On Chad Henne: "He managed the game well."

On the Dolphins running game: "They made a lot of plays. They did a great job. They have two great backs."

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