Family Affair

Linebacker Akin Ayodele is an enthusiastic player who's always ready on Sundays, but even he admits there's something special about this week's encounter against the New Orleans Saints. That's because he'll be facing a team that includes his younger brother.

It will be a first for Akin and his younger brother Remi, a defensive tackle with the Saints.

The two were teammates with the Cowboys in 2006-07, but they have never faced each other.

"Playing against little brother, I'm excited about the fact that he's getting a lot of playing time," Akin said Wednesday after the Dolphins' practice. "He's starting. For me, it's more (like) I'm always going to be big brother and I'm always going to get the best of it. I definitely have to bring my ‘A' game."

Ayodele looked like a proud brother when he was talking about Remi on Wednesday afternoon. While Akin has been a starter his whole NFL career, Remi has spent a lot of time on practice squads and he's now a starter for the first time in his career.

And a starter on a 6-0 team, on top of that.

"He called me right after they won (against the Giants)," Akin said. "He called me talking. It's in the blood, that's what he does. It's going to be fun. We've been going back and forth for a couple of weeks. Now that they're 6-0 and they had a good win, he's flying high right now."

The two brothers talk once a week, and there'll be a lot of family members in the stands at Land Shark Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Akin said a good estimate at this time would be about 20.

"Yeah, yeah, there's going to be a lot of them," Akin said. "Look for the Dolphins-Saints mixed jerseys (split, width-wide, across the middle)."

Akin Ayodele is one of two Dolphins players facing his brother this season; long snapper John Denney faced his brother Ryan when the Dolphins faced the Buffalo Bills a couple of Sundays ago.

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