Porter's Plan: Make Saints Uncomfortable

The formula for beating the 5-0 New Orleans Saints is simple, Joey Porter says. Keep them close, make them uncomfortable and drag them into a street fight.

"You just have to get them in a fight to where it's going to be a knuckle-up fight," the Miami Dolphins veteran linebacker said. "It's not going to be one-sided in the first half. We've got to keep the game within reach or we're up by a lot, making them chase. That works for us. Whatever we do, we can't let (Drew) Brees and the offense get going early."

The Saints have yet to trail for a single minute this season in racing out to a 5-0 start, making them one of four NFL unbeatens. They are averaging 38.4 points per game and posting an average margin of victory of 19.8 points.

Porter is hopeful the Dolphins will find a way to change that.

"We want to make them play from behind to where you can take away the double-headed monster of being able to run the ball for 150 yards and pass for 350," Porter said. "You let them get in that comfort zone, it's going to be a long day. Doesn't matter who you're playing against."

The Saints have jumped out to 7-0 leads or better against every opponent, including 17-0 against the New York Jets and 14-0 last Sunday against the New York Giants. But Porter said the Dolphins have been encouraged by the Saints' relative struggles in Week 3 at Buffalo, where the Bills trailed just 10-7 entering the fourth quarter before falling 27-7.

"We've been studying that Buffalo game a lot," Porter said. "I think they got to (Brees) three times and made him fumble. Made Reggie (Bush) fumble the ball a couple times. For the long part of the game, that was a close game."

The Dolphins, by comparison, blew out the Bills 38-10 to snap a 0-3 start.

For all the highlights the Saints produce with the league's No. 7 passing offense, it's their No. 4 rushing offense the Dolphins would like to stop first. Considering the Dolphins come in ranked third in the league against the run and just 18th against the pass, that seems like a solid plan.

"We need to take away that run and make Brees play from a different element he hasn't played from all year," Porter said. "Our goal is to get to Reggie Bush often and not let him have the game to where he's hitting the seams and getting big gashes. Make him earn everything he gets, keep him under 2 yards a carry and at the end of the day switch it to Drew Brees and get it one-sided to where you know they're going to pass."

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