JT: Too Much Talk

The Dolphins' defensive players have been asked this week about trying to stop the top-ranked offense in the league, about the attention that Drew Brees and company have receiver, and just anybody else that could be asked on the subject. Jason Taylor, for one, would rather get on with the game instead of talking about it.

Taylor made his feelings pretty clear when he was asked Thursday about Brees getting a lot of attention.

"Brees gets a lot of attention because he should," Taylor started. "He is an outstanding player and is having an outstanding year. He obviously gets our respect and everybody else around the country and they are doing a good job running the football. I think they do a get a lot of leads and therefore in the second half they run the ball more ... it kind of skews some of those stats. I have heard plenty of it ... being off for a week than having them play the (New York) Giants, you hear plenty of this crap for the last couple of days and quite frankly I am tired of hearing about it, to be honest.

"We are going to go out there ... they are going to run the ball and throw the ball and we are going to go out there and run the ball and throw the ball. We are both going to play defense and we are going to kick the ball when we have to on special teams and let the best team win."

Taylor also wasn't about to comment when he was asked about the Dolphins' failure to sign Brees as a free agent in the spring of 2006 when their concerns about his ability to bounce back from a shoulder injury led them to trade for Daunte Culpepper instead.

"I think Drew opened up his press conference and said he was not going to talk about this right?" Taylor pointed out. "Ditto. I don't want to talk about it."

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