Porter: Passionate About the Pats

Joey Porter isn't shy when it comes to expressing his feelings, and it's clear to everyone he's not a big fan of the New England Patriots. If there was any confusion about that, he made sure to clear that up when he spoke to New England media members in a conference call.

Porter was asked point blank about his feelings toward the Patriots, and he replied: "Same way they feel about me. So do you want me to say it first?"

After the reporter said he didn't know whether the Patriots liked Porter, the Dolphins linebacker replied: "You know they don't like me. Everybody knows, let's be honest, they don't like me and that's fair. I don't like them and that's fair. So it's not like it's a divorce happening. We were never really married anyway."

Porter then proceeded to expound on his feeling toward the Patriots.

"We split with them last year and the year before that they beat us twice," Porter began. "So this is my third year (in this division) going up against them and we're trying to change the way it used to be. My feelings toward New England go back further. It goes back to my Pittsburgh days, so I felt a certain way after some things came out, way back when."I was in Pittsburgh for some AFC championships that I've lost to them a couple of times that come to figure out a month later why we lost. So, yeah, I have a natural hate for them — period. And that's just going to be with me forever. That's not ever going to change."

Porter was quoted in May of 2008 as saying the Patriots cheated when they beat the Steelers in the 1997 and 2004 AFC Championship Games and he's clearly not backing down.

But he didn't want to rehash what he had said, so when he was asked what he was referring to on this day, he said, "You can fill in the blanks. Y'all are smart guys over there.

"I mean, we do this every year around this time I do this conference call. You know exactly what I'm talking about. And they know exactly what I'm talking about. And that's not going to change from my thought process on that situation."

Before talking about the Dolphins' slow start and their effort to turn things around, Porter talked about Sunday's game in light of the two blowouts from last year — the Dolphins' 38-13 victory at New England, and the Patriots' 48-28 victory in Miami.

"This is a whole new year, whole new characters," Porter said. "They've got their main guy (Tom Brady) and we've got some different guys in different situations over here, but make no mistake we're ready for whatever they come with."

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