Final Game 8 Observations

The Dolphins sit at 3-5 at the halfway point of the season, and Wednesday they'll begin their preparations for a visit from Tampa Bay this weekend. In the meantime, let's take one last look at Sunday's 10-point loss to New England at Gillette Stadium.

-- OK, we'll start with the obvious. Randy Moss is very good and sticking Vontae Davis one-on-one on him many times was asking for trouble. Of course, it might have helped had the Dolphins actually put pressure on Tom Brady. That's on you, Jason Taylor and Joey Porter.

-- That said, classy move by the Gillette Stadium scoreboard operator, who put a shot of Porter on the sideline late in the game with the line "zero tackles, zero sacks" under his name. Yeah, real classy.

-- Then again, maybe Porter asked for it with his comments on Tom Brady and about how he'll always hate the Patriots during the week. No, not the scoreboard operator's job to get involved. Bush league move, actually.

-- It might have been nice to find out Porter's thoughts on the subject, but he left the New England visitor's locker room in a hurry after the game and wound up talking to only one reporter who was lucky enough to catch him before he left.

-- Bigger issue here, more than Porter refusing to face the music, is the issue of walking the walk. Porter didn't do that.

-- The Dolphins secondary has taken a beating in the media all season, but the pass rush just hasn't been good enough.

-- That said, get Cameron Wake in the game more often. Sure, sacrifice a little against the run, but if it's third-and-long he belongs on the field.

-- Every time I see Tom Brady, I still have a hard time digesting this: He was the 199th player taken in the 2000 draft. Again, 199th. That means the Dolphins could have had him five different times instead of drafting Todd Wade, Ben Kelly, Deon Dyer, Arturo Freeman and Ernest Grant. Ugh!

-- But don't start about New England being geniuses from finding that gem in the sixth round. Before they drafted Brady, they took in the same draft guys like Adrian Klemm, J.R. Redmond, Greg Robinson-Randall, Dave Stachelski, Jeff Marriott and Antwan Harris. Again, ugh!

-- That's called luck.

-- It also hurts to see Wes Welker catching nine passes against the Dolphins considering they had him on their team a few years ago. Still can't fault trading him for second- and seventh-round picks, it just would have been nice had the second-rounder been used for someone better than Samson Satele (no offense).

-- I still don't think Welker is as good as his numbers because he benefits so much from playing with Moss and Brady, but the Dolphins sure could use him these days.

-- That's more an indictment on the Dolphins' receiving corps, which wasn't good enough last year and sure isn't good enough this year.

-- Either of those two passes on the next-to-last drive that weren't caught by Brian Hartline and Ted Ginn Jr. would have been caught for a vast majority of receivers in the league.

-- Greg Camarillo looks like he's back to his pre-injury form of last year and the Dolphins need to ride him because he's clearly their best receiver.

-- Davone Bess used to hold that title in my eyes, and I still love the way he gets open, but his hands have become a little shaky for some reason and he's not enough of a playmaker to overcome that.

-- Then again, maybe we wouldn't harp on the Dolphins' wide receivers if the tight ends got more involved in the passing game. Remember last year when the Dolphins set records at the position? It's been bad this year.

-- More troublesome for the offense is the fact that the Wildcat was stuffed for the third consecutive game. The Dolphins are too short on personnel to have success on offense on a consistent basis without it. Mark it.

-- Sunday will be telling. If the Dolphins have problems on offense against Tampa Bay, there's big trouble ahead.

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