Rave Reviews for Receivers

Ricky Williams clearly was the star of the victory at Carolina, what with his three scores and emphatic game-clincher. And then there was Joey Porter, who responded to his benching and criticism about his play by buzzing around Jake Delhomme all night. But we would be remiss not to acknowledge a tremendous performance by a group of players that's been the subject of so much criticism and ridicule.

Yes, the wide receivers.

They were tremendous against the Panthers. Yes, tremendous.

The wide receivers.

Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo, Brian Hartline and, yes, Ted Ginn Jr.

Bess' contributions were the most obvious, as he caught a team-high six passes and showed great awareness on a key third-and-12 in the final minutes when he saw Chad Henne scramble to his right and then reversed field and headed into an open spot in the middle of the field.

Bess caught everything in sight Thursday night, and he looks to be back to the highly productive receiver he's been the last two years until his hiccup of a few weeks ago.

Brian Hartline had a big 36-yard gain where he gained a lot of yards after the catch, something that's become a specialty of his.

Camarillo was very quiet with only one catch for 4 yards, but nobody is worried about him because he's caught everything thrown his way all year.

Patrick Turner is left out of the equation because although he's been active the last two games he's only played on special teams.

And that brings us to Ginn.

Forget all those catches against the Colts. Forget the long touchdown against the Jets. This might have been his best game as a wide receiver.


Ginn ended the game with four catches for 32 yards, which comes out to a mediocre 8-yard average. But here's the key: Ginn went low to catch a couple of pass, including a 16-yarder in the fourth quarter and a third-down reception in the first quarter.

Those are the type of catches were never see Ginn make. The biggest knock on him, at least from this end, always has been that he can never make a catch that's anything beyond routine.

Well, he made those against Carolina. Not once, but twice.

We're not ready to say Ginn has turned the corner, but it nevertheless was a tremendously encouraging performance, especially given the fact the Dolphins don't have Ronnie Brown the rest of this season.

Brown's absence means other guys have to step up. We already knew Williams was capable of doing just that, and that's what he proved on Thursday night.

Nobody should be surprised either at what Bess did because he can be that type of receiver -- again, think the Dolphins' version of Wes Welker.

No, it was the contributions from unexpected sources like Ginn and Lex Hilliard — how was that for a first NFL carry? — that made the Carolina game so encouraging.

Make no mistake, the Dolphins are going more of the same down the stretch if their hopes of a playoff berth are to become reality.

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