Final Game 12 Observations

That was one exhilarating victory the Dolphins recorded on Sunday when they kept their playoff hopes alive by coming back from a 14-0 deficit to beat New England, 22-21. It was a game that will be remembered for Chad Henne's 52 pass attempts, a key fourth-down conversion and Dan Carpenter's clutch field goal to win the game. We offer some closing thoughts on the game.

-- Yep, that was quite the passing show put on by Henne, but two things need to be pointed out: 1) He missed a couple of wide open receivers because he lacked the touch to simply float the ball to the spot, so that's something he'll need to work on moving forward; 2) Why did Henne throw so much early in the fourth quarter when the Dolphins were only a point behind?

-- That said, Henne did make some clutch throws, and by now it should be clear what he does best is roll to his right, stop and fire a laser to a receiver running a comeback route, preferrably Greg Camarillo.

-- Speaking of Camarillo, not only has he made a couple of key catches this season, but does anyone remember the last time he actually dropped a pass?

-- That said, it's Davone Bess who is the Dolphins' best receiver right now. We've said this from the time he joined the team, he just has a knack for getting himself open and has tremendous hands. With a little more quickness, you'd be looking at an exact replica of Wes Welker.

-- Speaking of Welker, can't say the Dolphins did a good job on him this season. After he caught nine passes in the first meeting, he topped that with 10 receptions for 167 yards in the second. That was bad enough, but the 58-yard pass down the middle was tough to watch. That one appeared to be on Yeremiah Bell, who took a step foward as Welker was turning upfield on his route and then let the ball go over his shoulder without so much as turning around.

-- That's one thing about the Dolphins' safeties, the coverage skills aren't great.

-- Just look at the first touchdown pass from Brady to Moss. Yes, Vontae Davis got beat deep, but he was supposed to have deep help from Gibril Wilson, but it never came. Should not happen.

-- The other long completion hurt the most because Sean Smith had great coverage on Sam Aiken, but couldn't make a play on the ball while Aiken snatched it out of the air and completed an 81-yard touchdown. Funny thing about Smith is he's the one of the two rookie corners we expected would get interceptions and make plays on the ball this season and not Davis. Yet Smith is still looking for his first career pick, even though his coverage has been very good for the most part.

-- Davis, on the other hand, has been victimized on a couple of high-profile plays, but he's also got three noteworthy interceptions -- the one he returned for a touchdown against Buffalo, his spectacular effort at New England, and his clutch end zone pick last Sunday.

-- It was the offense that put Dan Carpenter in position to kick the game-winning field on Sunday, but it was the defense that won the game. Remember, the defense gave the Dolphins the ball back trailing by two four times before the offense finally scored.

-- Channing Crowder sure picked a good time for his first career interception, but let's be honest: It was Cameron Wake who made that play. So it bears repeating: Get the man more playing time. He's too good a pass rusher for him not to be on the field whenever it's second-and-long or third-and-long.

-- Good to see the Dolphins do away with the Wildcat in this game. Yes, it's been effective, but it's also not conducive to Henne's quick development. Now, one more thing: Let's do away with Pat White's cameo appearances. He was in for two snaps against the Patriots, and it was two snaps too many. The first resulted in a botched pitch to Ricky Williams and a 15-yard loss; the second resulted in a White run for no gain. Ugh.

-- Finally, as much criticism as he's received this year, it's only fair to recognize that Ted Ginn Jr. had a tremendous ballgame against New England, with two good receptions and a 51-yard kickoff return. So give the man his due.

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