From The Other Side, Part 1

To find out more about the Dolphins' opponent this week, the Jacksonville Jaguars, we checked in with Publisher Charlie Bernstein. In Part 1 of this three-part series, we take a look at the Jaguars offense.

Q: Why is Maurice Jones-Drew having so much success when opposing defenses should know he's pretty much all the Jaguars have on offense?

Charlie Bernstein: The simple answer is because Jones-Drew is just that good. He can run with power, he's fast enough to get to the outside, and he has great hands out of the backfield. Jones-Drew is the ultimate weapon and right now he's a top three running back in the league. Teams have been keying on Jones-Drew a little more in the past three weeks by loading the eighth man in the box, so his numbers have been down. His presence alone opens up everything for the passing game.

Q: Is David Garrard anywhere near the quarterback he was in 2007 when he had his breakout year?

CB: David Garrard is pretty much the same quarterback as in 2007, as he wasn't nearly as good as his numbers were that year. He still has fantastic athleticism, but he only reads half the football field and holds on to the ball too long. The main difference was that in 2007, the Jaguars had a lethal rushing attack and the play-action game was much easier.

Q: How effective has Torry Holt been in this season?

CB: Holt has been a nice complement to Mike Sims-Walker, the Jaguars' real No. 1 wide receiver. Holt is no longer a deep threat, but a possession guy at this point in his career, and he's struggled with drops, especially of late.

Q: How have the two rookie offensive tackles, Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton, performed?

CB: Growing pains is probably the best way to describe the season of the Jags' rookie tackles. Both have looked dominant at times, and other times clueless. Overall, the pair have made about the expected amount of progress, but Monroe is slightly further along.

Q: Mike Sims-Walker has emerged as Jacksonville's top receiver; how big of a threat is he?

CB: Sims-Walker is the best receiver the Jags have had since Jimmy Smith retired. He's a legit No. 1 who runs flawless routes and has great, strong hands. The best testament to how good Sims-Walker is that in the New York game, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis matched up solely on Mike in the second half.

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