Opponent Opinions: WR Andre Johnson

Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson returns home to South Florida Sunday for a game against the Dolphins, a team against which he has had great success in his career. The former University of Miami star talked about Sunday's game and other subjects in a conference call with South Florida reporters.

Here's a team-released transcript of Johnson's comments:

On last-year's critical fourth-down conversion late in the game against the Dolphins: "It was a crucial play in the game. Either we make that play or we lose the game. Right now to this day, I still don't even know how I made the play. I was able to get my hand in-between Yeremiah Bell's hand, the ball kind of popped up and I was able to grab it. That was pretty much it."

On the fact that Yeremiah Bell had pretty tight coverage on that play: "Yes, he was [on pretty tight coverage]."

On getting back down to South Florida and playing in his hometown: "It will be a lot of fun, it will be exciting. Just being back home playing. I haven't played [in Miami] since my rookie year. It will be a lot of excitement. I [will] have a lot of friends and family at the game. Just me growing in the Carol City area, Miami Gardens area, it was big. I could actually walk from my mom's old house to the stadium. I grew up right there. I always had dreams of playing in Land Shark Stadium. It will be a lot of fun."

On how exciting it is that people talk about him as possibly being the best WR in the NFL: "It is exciting. You always want to try to be the best at what you do. For people to be talking about it, it lets you know that you are headed in the right direction, [that] what you are doing out on the field, people are paying attention to it. To be honest I don't really care if some people may not feel I am the best because everyone has the right to their own opinion. I really don't care too much about the attention either. I have never been a guy who was big attention. I just try to let my play do the speaking for me."

On what he thinks about Vontae Smith and Sean Smith: "I think they are very talented. I think sometimes you can see from some of the things that they do on film that they are young corners. But I think overall they are very talented. I think they are physical. It is going to be a challenge for us. They are big corners so that is the thing most receivers don't like playing against, they don't like really like playing against big corners. It will be a challenge for us. You see them make a lot of plays on film. I think the plays they do give up is from them being young and not having the full experience yet. I think as time goes on they are going to get better and better. So it will be a challenge for us on Sunday."

On the idea that Dolphins have never beaten the Texans: "I don't know. Every time we play them it comes down to the last play or something. Even in my rookie year when we came down there and played them, we kicked a field goal at the end to win it. Ever since when we have played them it has always come down to the last play. So I don't know. I am glad things have been working out for us and hopefully they can end up that way on Sunday."

On him having a reserved, low-key type personality: "I think it is more of my family. Just growing up in the house, if you were ever in my mom's house you would probably not even know if anyone was in there because there wasn't really much talking or anything going on unless we were talking amongst each other. My mom is the same way, my brother is the same way so I think it is just a family thing. We don't really need much attention. A lot of people think that we don't talk, but I do talk. I am not just quiet like everyone thinks. I talk, I am outgoing and things like that. But I think I get it more from family."

On if he now has a commercial: "Yes."

On if the commercial was hard to do because of his reserved personality: "It wasn't hard. I don't think it was hard to do, I just didn't know what to expect. It was my first time doing something like that, so I didn't really know how to go about doing it. The guy who was directing everything did a great job with helping me and telling me how to say things, the expressions and things like that. It was actually a lot of fun when I got the hang of it, my lines memorized and everything it was a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun doing it."

On if it was nice to get some endorsements: "Endorsements are always fine. Hopefully that commercial has opened up something for me. Like I said it was a lot of fun, it was my first time doing it and I had a lot of fun doing it."

On what it would mean to finally reach the playoffs: "It would mean a lot. I have pretty much been through all the rough times with this organization except for the first year. I have been through all the ups and downs. I knew it wasn't going to be easy when I got here. I never thought it would take 7 seasons, to take that long for it to happen. It is a work in progress. That is what keeps me motivated because I want to do everything I can to help get this organization to its first playoff birth and first Super Bowl. That is my goal and that is what I am to try to accomplish as long as I am here."

On the relationship he has with Matt Schaub: "Me and Matt since Day 1 he has gotten here, he has been battling through a lot of injuries. This is the first year where he has played pretty much the whole season. Just us on the field, we see the same things. I remember when he first got here and we use to be in practice, every time I came back to the huddle he would tell me why he did not throw me the ball. When he would tell me, I would be like ‘yea I saw the same thing'. It was kind of weird for me at first, but I was like we are out here seeing the same things so maybe maybe we are on the same page. As time went along, the relationship became better. We became more on the same page. To this day, when we are in games, we are talking about plays. We are seeing the same things. I think helps us out a lot when we are out on the field because we can communicate well with each other."

On how that relationship between him and Matt Schaub makes the offense even more dynamic: "You always try to make adjustments and things like that from different defenses and things they give you out on the field during the game. When we are on the sideline we are always trying to find something that we can attack in the defense."

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