Final Game 15 Observations

On Tuesday night, we will find out which Dolphins players, if any, have been selected to the AFC Pro Bowl team. Let's hope nobody put too much stock on Sunday's game against Houston because it was ugly in so many aspects, as we examine in our final look back before turning our attention to the regular season finale against Pittsburgh.

-- We'll start with the lack of a running game, which was important to keep Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson off the field. The offensive line continued to rotate guards (Justin Smiley, Donald Thomas and Nate Garner) and the overall performance of the guys up front wasn't great. Of course, it doesn't help that Vernon Carey is beat up and took himself out of the game at one point. Remember, though, this is where the Dolphins have spent a lot of money. It's got to do better.

-- Ricky Williams averaged only 3.5 yards per carry, but it was hard to say whether he wasn't running as effectively as previous weeks or whether it was just a matter of holes not being open. One thing for sure, that short pass he tipped in the air for an interception was one he needs to catch.

-- Then again, and this is nothing we haven't said before, it would help if Chad Henne took something off the ball on certain throws. How many times Sunday did we see receivers barely have time to get their hands up before the ball wizzed by? Henne also doesn't show great awareness in the pocket at times, as he always seems to want that extra second to make a pass. That works for Ben Roethlisberger many times, but that's partly because Roethlisberger is so tough to bring down.

-- Ted Ginn Jr. had a pretty good game catching the ball against Houston, but he continues to drive everybody crazy by constantly running toward the sideline on kickoff returns or putting on the brakes as the first wave of tacklers is getting close.

-- Then again, Davone Bess wasn't much better on punt returns. He let a ball roll when he easily could have sprinted up to grab it afte one bounce. This was not a stellar effort for Bess, who also dropped a pass.

-- The run defense clearly is missing Jason Ferguson, and that's partly because Paul Soliai is just too inconsistent. He seemed to have a good game against Tennessee but was nowhere to be found against Houston. Then again, it wasn't as though the linebackers were doing much behind him.

-- Seriously, name one linebacker who had a good game against the Texans.

-- In the secondary, Yeremiah Bell actually came up with a big play with his third-quarter interception. That said, it's now two days after the fact and we still can't figure out how Gibril Wilson could drop a soft pop-up after Sean Smith got his hands on a deep Schaub throw. Wilson is one guy who has to be looking forward to the end of the season because it's really not been good for him.

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