Henne Looks For Strong Finish

Chad Henne has thrown nine interceptions the past five weeks -- and at least one in each game -- after throwing just three his first seven weeks as a starter. So it's no surprise when he admits one of the primary areas in which he must improve this offseason is throwing touch passes.

"A guy like me who likes to shoot the ball in there all the time," he says, "you realize you have to step back and understand that instead of 'windows,' you've really got to get it over. Because there are more throws over linebackers and safeties, and that is what I'm learning and that's where my game needs to improve."

No one would expect him to have mastered everything a dozen games into his career as an NFL starter. Yet, it's still jarring whenever Henne sails a pass three feet over the head of a running back in the flat or rifles one a bit too hard on a short crossing route.

Even the second New England game, Henne's signature win to this point, included several such moments, including a pair of miscues on swing passes to fullback Lousaka Polite. Another time Henne blasted Davone Bess's fingers with a bullet from close range.

At least Henne recognizes he has a little bit of an issue in this department. So does the coaching staff, which is why Henne spends extra time each practice working with quarterbacks coach David Lee on the mechanics of the touch pass.

"Like anybody in the league, when you get back there, there's a sense of urgency to get the ball out and you want to throw it hard," Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning says. "You've got to learn how to throw it hard but with a little arc and a little pace."

Henning compares it to the second serve in tennis.

"You want to hit the first one hard because you want to get the guy to miss, but the second one you want to make sure you get it in the service court," Henning says. "That's what he needs to do."

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