Pro Bowl Soundbites

Yeremiah Bell and Dan Carpenter wound up getting the opportunity to represent the Dolphins in the Pro Bowl Sunday at Sun Life Stadium, and both players enjoyed their first experience in the NFL all-star game.

Here's what the two had to say about playing in the Pro Bowl.


On his first Pro Bowl experience: "Exciting, man. It's good to be out here running around a little bit, feeling the camaraderie with all the guys. Everyone's enjoying themselves, so it's a great experience and one that I'm glad I got to enjoy."

On his favorite moment from the week: "Probably going out to (Lockhart) Stadium (Saturday for open practice) where all the fans were. Just being in there, it was electric, feeling the love from everybody. We had practice early in the morning, and a lot of fans were out there early in the morning. You have to say hats off to them."

On how it feels to play in front of the home crowd: "It feels great. You're at your home stadium, you have your fans screaming. When we came out, it was a great atmosphere, and we're just enjoying it."


On his first-half field goal: "It felt good. Everyone on the other side out there heckling you, yelling ‘Noonan,' the normal ones, ‘wide right.' It felt good. I'm out here having some fun. I'm just glad I could help out a little bit. Having some fun, everyone's walking around with smiles on their faces."

On his first Pro Bowl experience, and what it means to play in front of his home crowd: "It's great. The home crowd was amazing when we came out. (Yeremiah) Bell, myself being from Miami here, I think we had a standing O pretty much. The one player that got a little more of a cheer I think was Ray Lewis. He's been here 10 times, so he definitely deserves it."

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