Was the Price Right?

There is absolutely no debating the fact that wide receiver Brandon Marshall represents a quality addition for the Dolphins. But did they give up too much -- a second-round pick this year and a second-round pick next year -- to get him from Denver? Scout.com NFL analyst Adam Caplan offers his thoughts.

"Marshall is an elite talent who commands attention from opposing defenses. He might be the NFL's most talented offensive player. However, because of his off-the-field history, there's tremendous risk involved in acquiring him. If Marshall didn't have his issues, Denver wouldn't be looking to move him, so it's buyer beware.

"If he stays out of trouble, he'll be worth those two early draft picks. Marshall gives the Dolphins offense a huge boost in the passing game. The price was fair, but only if Marshall stays out of trouble. He could be one more incident away from being suspended for half the season or more."

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