Odrick's Opinions

In taking Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick in the first round of the draft, the Dolphins continued their pattern of going after proven commodities from the Big Ten. Odrick played defensive tackle in Penn State's 4-3 but very well could find himself at end in the Dolphins' 3-4. Odrick was in New York attending the draft and he spoke to reporters there after being drafted.

Here is the transcript of Odrick's New York press conference:

Q. Did you talk to Bill Parcells?

JARED ODRICK: No, I didn't, but I spoke to the GM and head coach, and it was just a great phone call. Not just that I got called to be drafted but to be a Miami Dolphin, I'm happy.

Q. What was your first reaction?

JARED ODRICK: I wasn't sure and I'm like, OK -- oh, I'm going to Miami. It was shocking. It was shocking. I really didn't have words at the time but it was shocking.

Q. What do you think of Miami, first the team, and then the city?

JARED ODRICK: I think of a great opportunity to be a part of the defense and become great. To be in a defense like that, especially with the guys that they have on the team currently, both offense and defense, a guy like Parcells that we've had communications through third paragraph ties and stuff like that, just excited to be a part of that organization.

Q. What do you think of the coach?

JARED ODRICK: I like Coach a lot. Spoke with him a few times and everybody was asking me if that's where I knew I was going and from there, I had no idea. I really didn't.

Q. You talked a lot about not knowing. Now that you know, what are you feeling now?

JARED ODRICK: I feel like I want to get to Miami and go to work, that's what I feel like. I thought I was going to go tomorrow, and I might not. Nothing is 100 percent right now, but from the looks of things, I should go down there for mini-camp and get to work.Q. You're going to get the question: nose tackle or defensive end?

JARED ODRICK: I'm not sure. We really didn't talk specifics; I'm just excited to play down there.

Q. Can you play at the nose, do you think, like Jay Ratliff in Dallas?

JARED ODRICK: Yeah, I definitely think I can do that. I played the one technique in college and I'm not sure if you follow our d-line at all, but we played -- we would flip and we would slide and I played a lot of three-technique, but I also made a lot of plays from the one. And just as well as I think I can transfer over to a five-technique, just easily, it's football at the end of the day, it's football.

Q. A lot of people follow the Dolphins and know that they have a home-field advantage, people talk about Green Bay and Chicago, cold weather, but the field in Miami is so hot that a lot of opponents wear down and it becomes an advantage for the Dolphins. How are you going to adjust playing there?

JARED ODRICK: Definitely, I think if you ask my strength, any of the coaches back from Penn State or if you ask me, I tell you right now that I pride myself on being one of the best, if not the best-conditioned 300-pound athlete. I enjoy being in better physical shape and condition than the other big uglies. I'm just looking forward to getting down there and going to work.

Q. What advice did Coach Paterno give you to play at the next level?

JARED ODRICK: You know, he never said one thing specifically about playing at the next level. I think it says a lot in terms of from what he did for me and for our team and what he tried to instill in us as men instead of just the football team, what he wants for us at the next level, whether that's playing football or going into an office every day. That's just being a professional and everything that comes with that. Going to work every day, trying to do better work, going to class every day and having it all translate over into your life and into your career.

Q. What about going to the Dolphins, a team with such tradition, but can you speak to the rivalries and playing in the AFC East?

JARED ODRICK: Yeah, I'm actually pretty excited about that. A lot of my friends from back home are big Jets fans. I can't wait to get all of the texts and the calls about when I'm about to play them. When we are going up to New York or when they are playing down in Miami, I'm pretty excited.

Q. Can you talk about hearing your name being called and all of the boos from Jets fans?

JARED ODRICK: Yeah, I wasn't sure if those were boos or what. But, yeah, it's definitely an experience. I came in with an open mind, you know, just try to roll with the punches.

Q. What are you going to take from Penn State?

JARED ODRICK: What am I going take from there? I would probably just say just the teachings that I received from Coach Johnson, coach Larry Johnson, the d-line coach, and just really his demeanor or and his -- it's hard to explain Coach Johnson and what he's done for me because he's done so much. It's just really, there's a lot I want to emulate about him; it'd really just trying to give everything that I have every day at practice, that's what he really emphasized, because he really believed it was a huge component of transferring over to games and becoming a great player.

Q. Dolphins have a long history of success but fans have been frustrated over the past decade and a half; do you think you're going to be a part of a defense that can get the team back to being a regular playoff contender?

JARED ODRICK: Absolutely, I think that's my goal and the goal of the Dolphins organization. They drafted a defensive player that has the same goals, that wants to be in playoff contention and Super Bowl contention and be a prime-time team.

Q. What do you think about following guys like Jason Taylor, some of the great defensive players they have had in the past?

JARED ODRICK: I am looking to follow in their footsteps and raise the bar, just really taking it to another level and just going down there and working my behind off and just really wanting to be a great professional.

Q. When you think you're going to go in the second round and you go in the first round, what is the feeling? Do you feel like it's prestige or about the money? What makes you get excited when you feel that happen?

JARED ODRICK: What makes me get excited? I was excited just to get a call. I was excited just to be selected tonight. I wouldn't say that I had a preconceived notion about where I was going, whether it was the first or second round, or any round after that. I came here and got invited to the Draft and I thought I had a pretty good chance of being drafted tonight, and I took that chance and it worked out for me and I'm just happy. I wouldn't say that there's one thing that really took over my emotions other than happiness. I didn't think about anything else, but I'm just happy. I'm elated to be a professional football player.

Q. You're going to the land of South Beach and there's a lot of party action and temptation; how will you keep yourself grounded?

JARED ODRICK: Football is my passion. If something is a true passion to somebody, then I don't think they are going to let anything get in the way of that. I feel that strongly about football, and putting that to the side. I think you get distractions anywhere you go. There's parties and there's nightlife anywhere you go. Whether that's Miami or that's Green Bay, or anywhere you go, you have distractions. If you want to be the football player or if you know the type of football player I want to be, then you'll find out and all of that is secondary.

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