Misi's First Press Conference

The Dolphins' second-round pick, defensive end/outside linebacker Koa Misi, spoke to the South Florida media via conference call shortly after being drafted. Misi talked about his style of play as well as his pre-draft contact with the Dolphins.

Here is a team-released transcript of Misi's comments:

On how he sees himself on the NFL level and if he sees himself being better against the run or against the pass: "I think I can handle both. I mean just being a versatile player in college and playing both the end and linebacker helped me with that. I think I can handle both."

On how much linebacker he played at Utah: "I didn't play too much but I played some. That was my position in high school and then I played three or four games at linebacker and this past year I played a couple of a games the year before that. I feel pretty comfortable with the linebacker position."

On what his comfort level is lining up as linebacker on the outside as a pass rusher: "I played with my hand off the ground the majority of the year. I would line up in a 3 point stance but I also lined up in a 2 point stance a lot in the past seasons so I'm pretty comfortable with it."

On dropping into coverage: "I love dropping into coverage. Love playing against the pass. I feel pretty good about it."

On what contact he has had with the Dolphin coaching staff during this process: "I met with them at the combine a couple of times. Went up to their room and had a meeting, a sit down meeting with the coaches and stuff. I felt pretty good with the coaches and just talking with them. It all felt pretty good."

On having former college teammate Sean Smith already on the Dolphins: "It's good to know somebody that's over there already."

On what he knows about the Dolphins organization: "I don't know too much about it to tell you the truth."

On how he would describe himself as a player: "I'm a hard worker. I like to learn and I think I'm very coachable. I listen very well and you know I play even harder. I don't live to give up on things and football is one of them. So this is my dream and you know I'm finally here. So I'm ready to play."

On how much he weighs right now and what the best weight would be for him in the NFL: "I'm about 245/250 pounds. Depending on what position they want me to play I can be at any weight they want me to."

On where his intensity comes from: "It's something that I developed as I grew up. Because of my dad and my games, you know if the intensity wasn't there he made sure it was there. I mean just in high school he came down on the field one time and told me to wake up by hitting me with his head and you know ever since then I was ready to go. So just growing up through high school and then getting into college I knew how to play so just once you're on that field you got to be ready to go and I think that's how I've always been."

On what his dads name is and what he does for a living: "Sione Misi. He owns a tree company out in Redding, California."

On if he or his dad were hurt getting head butted: "No, I had my helmet on."

On if he is aware of Dolphins current outside linebackers' situation: "Yes."

On if he is excited about the chance to compete for a starting job: "I guess so. I am just ready to learn and ready to play so whatever [the coaching staff] wants to do with me, I will be ready for."

On what NFL player his style most resembles: "Somebody that plays hard. I always looked up to Ray Lewis growing up; I always wanted to be like him. He is a pretty intense football player. He moves around the field well. I always wanted to do things like him, run everywhere I could and never stop and just work hard. That's how I grew up playing football and how I plan to continue to keep on playing."

On if he screams a lot before games like Ray Lewis: "Oh yes, we will do screaming in the locker room before we [take the field]. Right before kickoff you always get pumped up with the team and everyone on the sidelines and get ready for game. "

On if there is a pass rusher in the NFL he tries to emulate: "I don't really [try to emulate] anyone when I play. I kind of do what my coaches tell me to. That is kind of how I play."

On if it is correct that he did not play football in junior college: "I did. I play junior college [football] for one year. "

On what point did he realize he had a shot at playing in the NFL: "Just growing up my coaches always told me I was special. In high school, my coaches always told me I was going to be ‘one of those players'. Just playing throughout high school and college, I always looked forward to what people were telling me. It is finally here and I can't wait to start."

On why he didn't play when he first enrolled at junior college: "Some [personal] issues going on that I felt the need to take some time off, so that is what I did. I took a year off and then went back and played at my junior college."

On if there was ever a thought that he wouldn't play football again when he took the year off: "No, there was never a point that I thought I wouldn't play again. I just needed sometime for myself and that is what I did." (On if he is familiar with defensive coordinator Mike Nolan) – "I don't remember [him in particular]."

On when he met with the Dolphins organization: "I didn't visit [South Florida]. I saw them at my pro day; they had a scout there but never visited [or] never had a private workout with them."

On if he ever spoke on the phone with Bill Parcells: "No, I don't think so."

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