Jerry's Press Conference

Offensive lineman John Jerry spoke to the South Florida media via conference call after he was taken in the third round by the Dolphins, and he talked about his relationship with his brother Peria, as well as his ability to play both guard and tackle.

Here's the team-released transcript of Jerry's comments:

On if he is more comfortable at guard or tackle: "I feel like I can play either one. I have experience at guard and tackle, so I think I can play either one."

On if he is more comfortable on the right side of the line: "That is what I have always played, but I got one day in at it [the left side] at the Senior Bowl, and I think with work I can get it down. I just haven't done it."

On his experience with the Dolphins coaching staff at the Senior Bowl: "Just getting in, learning a new system. I loved everything we were doing with the power and everything. It's just an exciting moment for me right now."

On how he would describe his style as an offensive lineman: "I think I definitely fit into the power running game. That fits me perfect, that's what I love to do, running the power. That's what we do in Miami."

On the advice he received from his older brother [2009 first-round pick Peria Jerry]: "It's a blessing to have a guy like him to help you out. [He said] Come in, work hard every day, just go out and compete."

On how close he was to entering the draft last year: "I was very close to entering the draft, but I sat down and had a talk with couch [Houston] Nutt and I think it was the best decision for me. I don't regret it at all."

On why he returned to school: "The opportunity to come back and play and get better. That was the main thing. I believe I got a lot better this year."

On when the Dolphins began to pursue him: "I kind of felt strongly about them at the Senior Bowl and at the Combine. I have just been praying a lot. I really wanted the opportunity to go play with coach Sparano and coach Guge [Dave DeGuglielmo]."

On who called him from the team to tell him he was drafted: "I can't remember. I was too excited to hear the names to be honest with you. I was just too excited."

On if this is the point in the draft where he expected to be drafted: "Yes sir. This is where I was expected to go, somewhere around this time. I was very pleased with it."

On why his brother plays defense and he plays offense: "I played defense in high school also, but I came into college and switched over. I just started playing offense."

On why he switched to offense: "We didn't have any offensive linemen and the coach asked whether I was willing to try it, and I was willing to try it and I liked it, so I decided to stick with it."

On how big his parents are: "My parents aren't too big when compared to me. My mom is bigger than my dad. My dad is a smaller guy."

On what led to him being so big: "I just feel blessed to be honest to be this size [and] carry this weight around. I'm blessed to be honest."

On if he has been to Miami before: "No sir. This will be my first time coming to Miami."

On how soon he expects to get down to Miami: "We start minicamp next weekend, so I will be down next weekend for the first time."

On if he ever had any surgery to correct shoulder problems: "Never had surgery on anything. I never had any shoulder problems. I was healthy throughout my college career so I never had any injury problems."

On clarification of any shoulder problems in the past: "No, I didn't have any shoulder problems, I was fine."

On if he ever had any injury issues: "I had hemorrhoids, that is the only thing."

On if he plays mean: "You got to play this game. It either me or it's you. That is what it is all about."

On his pass protection skills: "I feel really good with my pass protection. I learned a lot of little techniques. I am willing to come in and learn all that I can learn."

On if he talked to former teammate Michael Oher about the transition to the NFL: "I talked to [Michael Oher] and [he] just told me to give it my all and go out and grind."

On if his familiarity with the wildcat will help him with the Dolphins: "Yes, definitely it is going to help me. I am just happy I got to play for [Ole Miss head coach Houston] Nutt and get a feel for it."

On how much pride he takes blocking for three different 1,000 yard rushers: "I take a lot of pride it in. Blocking for those guys, having the opportunity, they made my job a lot easier. I can tell you that."

On the competition of the SEC and how that prepared him for the NFL: "I think it helped me out a lot. In the SEC, you have a war week in and week out. I think it helped me out and prepared me for the NFL."

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