Edds' Press Conference

Dolphins fourth-round pick A.J. Edds — pronounced eeds — is a versatile linebacker who figures to move inside in Miami's 3-4 defense. He talked to the South Florida media via conference call after being drafted and discussed, among other things, making the switch to a 3-4 defense.

Here is a team-released transcript of Edds' comments:

On being a big playermaker in college and using that to transition into the NFL: "Sure hope so. I think that is the reason that Coach Sparano and Mr. Ireland decided to take me. I am excited to get down there and to learn to improve and compete and just try to pick up where I left of at Iowa."

On how he was used at Iowa: "I didn't do a whole lot of pass rushing because our defense didn't call for it. I am excited to improve on, excited to get [to do that]. The strengths are being a physical player, playing in space, playing in coverage and just being an all-around type of player."

On where he expected to go in the draft: "I didn't have a lot of expectations. I just went with an open mind and just want to get a chance. I am very happy to be able come down to Miami. The last time I was down in Miami, I played in the Orange Bowl and had a good experience there so I am just hoping to build on that."

On what he got playing under Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz: "The accountability and the way the University of Iowa and the football program coached young men and Coach Ferentz molds and shapes young men. I think the biggest thing is the accountability aspect and being able to take on responsibility and being able to handle it the right way you are able to do great things and prosper. That is something I was able to do and I was proud to be able to that at a young age."

On what he knows about the Dolphins linebacker situation: "I don't know a whole lot. I didn't really look into a lot of teams throughout this whole process. I just wanted to wait, figure out where I'd be and go from there. Now that I know I will probably be exploring here in not too long. But right now I do not know a lot, just going to get down there and compete do that kind of stuff."

On if he is aware of Joey Porter and Jason Taylor not being on the team anymore: "I do know those situations. I do know that those guys are no longer on the team. I guess that is good for me, but at the same I am not worried about that kind of stuff right now. I am just worried about getting down to Miami fitting in and trying to make a name for myself."

On if he expected to go in the fourth round: "It is about where I thought I would go. Talking to my agent, [we] felt I was a fourth-round guy at best, maybe a third-round guy, potentially going into the [fifth or sixth rounds] but this is really where I thought I would be. At the end of the day it doesn't matter where you get drafted, it is about what you do when you get to a team and once you settle in. So it is good to go early, and better than going later, but at the same time it is not a whole lot of importance once the draft is over."

On how much contact he had with the Dolphins coaches at the Senior Bowl: "Playing for the North side, I wasn't with them every day. Being around the hotel, I had a chance to speak with the coaching staff, casual conversation on and off for the whole week. I had a nice meeting with Coach Sparano and Mr. Ireland down there and that went pretty well. I must have done something to make an impression on them. I just told them on the phone that they are not going to regret their decision taking me. I am excited and hopefully everyone else is too."

On his pass coverage skills: "I think it is one of my strengths, the way I get back in coverage and read and diagnose run [or] pass, get my drop and survey the field. I think I really improved on that between my junior and senior year. I think it showed up my senior year. It is something I feel pretty strong about and hopefully I can build upon it a little more."

On the adjustment from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense: "There is an adjustment just like any time you change to a new system. At the end of the day, defense is defense. It is all about desire and tenacity and how much you want to make it happen. You can draw up all the schemes and coverages you want, but when it is all said and done you have to line up, get off blocks and make tackles. That is what boils down to."

On what AJ stands for: "Andrew James."

On not going by Andrew James: "It is a good name, it is good. AJ fits a little bit better, but you guys can call me whatever you want."

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