Some Draft Observations

The Dolphins wrapped up their draft with seven defensive players out of eight selections. It was the first time since 1994 the Dolphins had taken only one offensive player in a draft. Here are some quick observations on the Dolphins' 2010 draft.

-- Some Dolphins fans have expressed disappointment because they feel this draft didn't bring many impact players. If you define impact player as a skill position player, then that's true. But the bottom line is the Dolphins got a lot of players who could contribute right away.

-- Leadership was a theme in this Dolphins draft, with five of the picks serving as team captains in college.

-- A.J. Edds played outside linebacker at Iowa, but he will line up inside for the Dolphins and GM Jeff Ireland said he would expect Edds to play on third downs right away.

-- Would have liked to have seen the Dolphins take a nose tackle, and Terrence Cody would have been a good pick in the second round.

-- CB Nolan Carroll will prove a steal in the fifth round if he can stay healthy. But he broke a leg in high school and then broke his leg in two places twice early last season. Ireland said the injuries are not an issue.

-- ILB Austin Spitler backed up James Laurinaitis for three years at Ohio State before taking over last year. He'll contribute immediately on special teams if he can make the team.

-- Even though there's been a lot of speculation about a corner possibly switching to safety, Ireland said he "would not bet on that."

-- The Dolphins' best pick in time will turn out to be third-rounder John Jerry, who will become a stud as a 330-pound guard.

-- Keep an eye on Chris McCoy, who played defensive end at Middle Tennessee but will line up at weakside linebacker for the Dolphins.

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