Reason for Concern

The excitement over the Brandon Marshall trade and a draft that brought a lot of defensive help took a hit on Tuesday with the news of Marshall's recent surgery. And while Coach Tony Sparano described the procedure as "routine," there actually might be good reason to worry.

Sparano wouldn't describe the body part that underwent the procedure, but said Marshall would miss the rest of the OTAs and might not even be ready for the start of training camp in late July or the first days of August.

That, in itself, would be troublesome given the impact Marshall is expected to have on the Dolphins in 2010.

But here's the scary part: ESPN is reporting the procedure was done on Marshall's hip. Marshall also had surgery on his hip last offseason, so that's two hip surgeries in two years.

We don't know for sure, but it's 50-50 the procedures were done on the same hip, and at some point we'll need to start talking about a chronic condition.

And that's not what you want to think about after shipping two second-round picks to Denver to get the wide receiver and then giving him a huge contract extension.

"We don't play a game today," Sparano said Wednesday. "We play a game down the road somewhere. ... No disappointment at all. He's been here for (five) weeks now, throwing and catching and doing all the things necessary. I mean, he was throwing and catching the day that the procedure was done. So, not real concerned about it."

Let's hope the coach is right.

That was a huge investment the Dolphins made in Marshall, and it would be a shame if they didn't get a major return, both this year and beyond.

Given his production after his offseason surgery in 2009, there's every reason to believe Marshall will be a major factor in the Dolphins offense this fall. It's more the long term we're worried about here.

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