Sparano on Merling

Defensive end Phillip Merling was at practice on Friday on the first day of minicamp after being arrested the day before on charges of aggravated battery. Coach Tony Sparano addressed Merling's situation following the morning practice.

On Phillip Merling's status with the team in jeopardy right now pending the league's investigation: "Phillip Merling right now was out on the practice field here this morning and we're going to let the process play itself out right now. I mean, just let the process play itself out and see what the league decides down the road. I'm not a judge, fellas, OK, and I don't think there's any of them in this group (of reporters) right now, either. So we'll let the process play itself out, and we'll see what happens."

On whether he will have an individual discussion with Phillip Merling concerning the situation: "Oh, yeah, absolutely. ... There's a lot of facts out there right now, and a lot of information, OK, and a lot of assumptions. I'm not a judge. I'm going to gather it, I'm going to sit down, I'm going to visit with him, I'm going to talk to him about my end of the thing, OK, which I have done already. And then we're going to let the people that make the decisions down the road make some of those decisions, too."

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