The Daily Take will be posted every weekday at 3 p.m. and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we look at the backup quarterback options.

Well, Dolphins fans who were dreaming about Jake Plummer joining the team as a backup quarterback have to be disappointed now that Plummer has signed with Denver.

It also looks like Kordell Stewart could be headed to Chicago. Up-and-coming Jake Delhomme has signed with Carolina.

Where does that leave the Dolphins? Well, they had veteran Neil O'Donnell in for a visit on Wednesday, and he's a perfect fit.

He's a guy who has been around a while, understands he's a backup and isn't likely to implode the way Ray Lucas did last year.

Forget about Brian Griese. He's not a good fit. He's had chemistry problems with his teammates and probably sees himself as something more than a backup as well.

The one problem with O'Donnell is that he supposedly really wants to go back to Tennessee and is waiting for the Titans to clear enough cap room to re-sign him.

But if that doesn't work out, he would make a great addition for the Dolphins.

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