What's Up With White?

It has become the Great Pat White Mystery. Speculation began when the second-year quarterback was absent from practice on Friday afternoon, and new developments have only made things more intriguing.

The first of those is a report in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel suggesting White would miss most, if not all, of training camp with a "non-football-related issue that is described as serious."

Coach Tony Sparano made no mention by name of White in his press conference on Friday, which was conducted before the Dolphins practiced and reporters knew that White wouldn't be there.

Sparano did say that no player had been put on the PUP list before the first practice but hinted such a move could come soon.

By then guess what? White was at practice on Saturday morning. So there goes that theory.

The Sun-Sentinel report, coupled with a report from The Oklahoman that the Dolphins would bring in for a workout Monday quarterback Tommy Grady only made things more interesting because it's very rare for a team to carry five quarterbacks in training camp even if one of them is destined for the practice squad.

So the combination of those two recent reports suggested that clearly something was going on with White, but then he was at practice on Saturday.

So who knows what, if anything, is going?

As it is, training camp began with White clearly among the biggest question marks on the team. Sparano talked during the offseason about the great progress White had made from his disappointing rookie season, but the truth is he looked like a clear No. 4 on the depth chart behind Chad Henne, Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen.

Sparano also said in the offseason that White would stay at quarterback, but it's just really difficult to see the guy having success at that position in the NFL on a consistent basis.

Then, of course, there was the whole Twitter incident, where White "tweeted" that he might as well turn to baseball if he were asked to switch to wide receiver followed by the quick termination of his Twitter account.

White has been drafted by baseball teams four different times, the last coming in 2009 when he was picked by the New York Yankees.

Perhaps a change of careers is in order. Or, if White can accept what this entails, maybe he should think about playing in the CFL.

The shortcomings that make White a suspect prospect in the NFL won't matter in the CFL, where the large field also will suit his running ability better.

The truth is White probably would be a star in the CFL, but that means he would have to accept having failed at the highest level of competition, something that's obviously not easy to swallow.

But since this is about White's standing with the Dolphins, we're back where we started before training camp began. And that means White still has a lot to prove.

The one thing that is for sure is that taking White with the 44th overall selection in the 2009 draft looked like a shaky decision at the time and it's sure not looking any better right now.

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