Time to Adjust

It's no secret that the Eagles are moving into a state of the art new home, but what may not be as known, is the affect the new confines will have on David Akers and the kicking game as compared to Veterans Stadium. Adjusting to new wind patterns and a state of the art grass field are just some of the factors that will make this year an interesting one for kickers at Lincoln Financial Field.

If anyone needs to adjust the most at Lincoln Financial Field, it is David Akers. Coming from one of the worst surfaces in the league complete with nasty wind currents, Akers needs to learn new wind tendencies, and get a feel for the surface in the new stadium. Lincoln Financial Field has one of the top playing surfaces in the league, with natural grass and synthetic fibers installed to keep chunks of grass from being uprooted, which will be key in keeping the field durable for every facet of the game. With the open corners of the new stadium, only time will tell what the wind currents will be. Joe Banner, Eagles team president has said the wind shouldn't be a factor in the new stadium, but we will see. Despite what Banner says, the Linc will have a completely different feel then Veterans Stadium. On June 13, Akers did what he does best he kicked. This time, from inside Lincoln Financial Field, for the first time ever. He was nothing short of what we all expect from him, putting on a show for the workers and people around him. As he drilled one from 55 yards, he got many cheers from those in attendance. He moved 5 yards back, trying from 60 yards, and hit the left upright. Akers said later that day, " We hit the upright from 60, and it probably would have gone from 75." Distance has never been a problem for the two- time Pro-Bowler, proving over the past couple of years he is one of the best kickers in the game. Later in the workout he hit one from 57 yards. June 13 was the last day of an eight-day voluntary mini-camp. Training Camp opens on July 23, starting with rookies and injured players reporting first. Veterans will arrive on July 28. Judging from Aker's first performance at Lincoln Financial field, he appears to have the wind currents down pat and is in for another successful season for the Eagles.

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